5o year old man wishes to donate eye for pellet blind

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5o year old man wishes to donate eye for pellet blind

SRINAGAR MAR 28: The public notification of a man from Aanag-Nanil village of south Kashmir’s Anantnag District is doing round of social site with people calling him the real ‘Mard-e-Momin’.

His name is Ali Mohammad Sofi, who has given a notice in local newspaper to announce that he is willing to donate his one eye for the poor pellet victim of valley.
Sofi who is in his fifties while talking to this correspondent said that seeing the recent turbulence that led to the agony in several homes in Kashmir, he decided to donate his eye for one who is victim of pellet which have turned them blind.
Hundreds of people have shared his public notice which attracted huge number of public feedback. Many users on social networking compared Sofi with the Late Mufti Muhammad Syed who according to these users is a ‘Mard-e-Momin’ to his daughter and Chief Minister for the state Mehbooba Mufti. 
Pertinently the Mehbooba has terms her father ‘Mard-e-Momin’ while saying that his father was not offering prayers five times a day but only on Eid (Islamic festival?). Her reference to praise Mufti was severally criticised by all sections of people, especially the video byte of the Chief Ministers was treading on social site for many days, facing sarcasms.  
Meanwhile the public notice of Sofi got attention on social sites by the users which made him to receive praises.
Sofi who is a labourer told that he has willingly decided to donate his eye for the poor pellet victim as he firmly believes that Almighty will be happy to him if he does so.  
He said, “I have given notification in a newspaper, which reads; i want to inform that i want to donate my one eye to the person who has lost his vision due to the pellets.”
He said that he has published notification last year in December, but since the he has got just 7 to 8 calls from the victim families.
“I see scores of people turning blind due to pellet guns used against them during recent uprising. I have two daughter and lone son, they are married.  I am happy if my eye matches any victim and he can see again”, he said happily.
When asked about the reaction of his family members and relatives about his decision, he said initially they felt scared but he persuaded them adding that they now support his decision of greater deed.
Sofi angrily replied when asked if you donate your eye, you would be partially visually impaired that “how you know if Allah gave me more vision in one eye as a reward”. “I am committed to my decision. Now I am waiting for a needy whom my eye matches”. 
Worth to mention there are many who wishes to donate their organs after death, but there are few brave and humane people on earth who do it being alive. Kashmir needs more people like Sofi to prove the world that this is the real land where humanity exists to the extent that people scarify themselves for each other. (PTK)


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