DAK in solidarity with doctors of Maharashtra state; condemns violence against doctors”

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DAK in solidarity with doctors of Maharashtra state; condemns violence against doctors”

Srinagar March 23: ​“DAK in solidarity with doctors of Maharashtra state;condemns violence against doctors”

Doctors Association Kashmir President, Dr G M Mir showed concern over growing violence on doctors by general public especially relatives of patients. In recent incidences of violence on doctors in Maharashtra especially, Dr Rohan Mhamunkar, orthopedic resident of Shri. Bhausaheb Hire Medical College who was brutally beaten by a mob of 25-30 relatives of patient and after which doctors across Maharashtra are on strike against this incident.
Dr Masood Rashid, Executive Member of DAK said that violence against doctors is a pan India phenomenon and Kashmir is not alien to such incidents.He further said that it’s a long pending demand of DAK that violence on doctors and hospital infrastructure by relatives of patients should be made a cognizable offence but it seems Govt. is least bothered about this issue.
Dr Owais Dar, Executive Member of DAK said that it is highly condemnable that doctors being the saviors of society are working in such a volatile atmosphere and becomes an unnecessary target. He further said these routine episodes of doctors being thrashed has made it difficult to work in such hostile environment. Doctors work in the most contentious conditions and the Government has failed to create intrepid environment in the hospital for efficient delivery of health care.
Dr Aamir Iqbal Lone, Executive Member, DAK added that it seems hospitals have turned into war fields and this frenzied pattern of barbarousness perpetrated on doctors is highly unacceptable. He further added that there are serious lapses in the planning of health care and the root cause lies in the attitude of authorities who plan but in the process doctors often become persecuted by unruly mobs thus breaking age old relationship between doctors and patients
Dr Mehraj ud Din, another Executive Member of the DAK said doctors put in their full efforts to save patients in extremely demanding conditions and instead of recognition they are getting this type of treatment. He further said that it becomes extremely difficult for doctors to deliver their services efficiently and effectively because of insecurity which adversely affects patient care.
DAK said that it is in complete support with its brethren of Maharashtra state and if there is a call for nation wide strike DAK will fully support it.DAK further demands that Govt. should listen and accept the genuine demands of the doctors of Maharashtra and make violence on doctors a cognizable offence.


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