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‘ATM’s card reader is not working’

Srinagar, Mar 26: Customers of JK Bank in Pulwama villages are angry with the bank authorities for failing to repair the ATM which is not dispensing money properly for the past several months.
The ATM installed at JK Bank’s Ratnipora village and accessed by consumers from a number of other villages in the district is not working properly and is not dispensing money on time.
The consumers said that they have complained about the defunct ATM to the local Bank authorities, but their grievance is not being redressed yet.
“Whenever I go to the ATM for withdrawing money from my account, it doesn’t dispense anything. It’s monitor always shows ‘Please try again’,” said a consumer. “When I try again with my ATM cars, it shows the same reading again,” the consumer said.
The consumers said that they have to travel 3 kilometers for accessing ATM to withdraw money.
“This ATM is useless. It needs to be replaced,” they said.
A bank official at the Ratnipora Branch said that the card reader of the ATM is not working properly.
The consumers are demanding from the bank authorities to replace the ATM with a new one so that they don’t have to face inconvenience in withdrawing the cash. (KNS)


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