Determined to freedom struggle, Media lies: Daughters of Hajin PSA detainee

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By Fast Kashmir on 16/03/2017. 2 Comments

Determined to freedom struggle, Media lies: Daughters of Hajin PSA detainee

HAJIN,  Mar 16: After the story was carried out by local dailies regarding the family of PSA detainee Mohammad Assadullah Parrey who has five daughters and one son suffering send shivers down to many people’s hearts.

Parrey who has been languishing in Kot Bolwal jail In Jammu for the past Three years were suffering in absence of financial help. People not only in neighborhood started gathering money to help them but some NGO organizations too visited the area and poured help.

On Thursday PTK correspondent met the family comprises of Parrey’s five daughters, Mariya, Sumiya , Sabreena, Insha, Ulfat  and lone son Osama Assad.

This reporter tried to know the problems they are facing. The daughters categorically refused the statement quoted in section of media that they need monitory help. They said media lies.

Elder daughter Mariya Assad of Assadullah Parrey said, “We have enough wealth and by that we can survive enough. Who is saying that we are dying in need of help” Mariya questions.

Mariya said in an angry mood that, “Few days before some media people visited us and who later wrote that the daughters need immediate help despite we prohibit them to write daughters yesterday refuted the claim of those media organisations”.

Mariya elder one said, “Our father is on genuine cause. We are proud on him. Whatever circumstances we are going through in absence of papa at our home, but at the end we are proud of having such a father who is on genuine cause”.

She added, “We never demanded money neither any politicians help but seek a request to get accomplished that our father should be shifted to either Sub-Jail Baramulla or in Srinagar rather to keep him constant decaying at Kot Bolwal”. She said, “We can’t visit him frequently there”.

They said we have not been meeting to our father from last 7 months due to police restrictions over us to meeting him.

Sumiya Assad, 17, another daughter of Assadullah Parrey said “that we can’t afford to visit the father to Jammu without whom we used to stay never apart even an hour is now in a jail were we can’t afford to go.

Sabreena Assad 13, another daughter said that 8 months before when we sought a permission from government to meet him in Jammu we have crossed 50 kilometers by foot to reach our papa when it was raining and land sliding on Jammu national highway.

Assadullah’s daughters while talking to PTK said, “We have suffered a lot on the pretext of having our father associated with the Muslim League”.

They further said that they will never bow to nether politicians nor to any police official.

“We and our father are determined to the freedom struggle of Kashmir. We will never give up till our last breath”, Ulfat and her other sisters seconded the view.

When this reporter visited their house in hajin, he saw the home deserted with no elders except 3 sisters inside house. When asked where other sisters are, they said they are in school.

When asked why are’ you not in school today, the answer was heart , Mariya an elder one said ,” I have now take up Tailoring and quit the schooling while as Sabreena  said , “I am not feeling well since my papa was in Kot Bolwal jail. She said, “It keeps me unwell that weather my papa is okay or not” and then a little one Ulfat Assad who is not mentally sound too is no different while giving the reasons of not going school.

Others were in school due to which this reporter couldn’t meet them.

Mariya said that she is annoyed due to media who wrote that the Hajin PSA detainee daughters need immediate help which is stark lie.

“We don’t need any help”, Mariya said.

“We don’t have mother and when papa too remains out of home, his and mom’s memories start killing us, that is why we want him in Kashmir jail rather in Jammu”, she said.

The other tragedy which has befallen the family is that the Girls does not have mother, they said that their mother had died on 5, November 2012, due to some liver problem.

They said that they want a help of an honest advocate who can help them in bringing the father back from Kot Bolwal to Srinagar or Baramulla.

“Let me say India that our father will never leave the supporting of Kashmir movement. We are all determined to it. Supporting the freedom struggle is not sin”, Mariya said.

“Since our father has been associated with the Hurriyat we have lost much more and have been giving sacrifices to the cause, if still we will give up supporting freedom struggle that is big shame for us” sisters said in one voice.

Recounting the Mom’s saying, Mariya said, “We were told by our mom before she died that never let your father get apart from the noble cause of freedom struggle of Kashmir. Even if he sometimes gets away from supporting the Kashmir Cause it is upon you to get him back”.

Mariya gave the reference of Burhan Wani a 21 year old young militant of south Kashmir, while saying that that when Burhan bhaii died on genuine cause that is why people remember him nowadays even after his death.

“We too want to give our life for the same cause which has engulfed the lots of lives”, she said adding that if their father will die for Kashmir cause they will celebrate it than to mourn.

Parrey is associated with the Muslim League for the past eight years. He was a militant before that, his elder daughter said. He according to family was arrested on 21, August 2015 at Hajin Police Post when he was in his car to take her ailing mother to a doctor for check-up in Sumbal which he couldn’t. (PTK)



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