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By Fast Kashmir on 26/03/2017. 153 Comments

DC appreciates efforts of Shirkat project team

Srinagar, Mar 26: A day long awareness programme on disaster preparedness was conducted on Saturday in north Kashmir’s Bandipore district.
The programme was held at Kanusa village, 15 kms from district headquarters and was attended by top officials of the district and the community members. The members of district disaster management authority were also present during the programme.
Ambreen Bashir the project coordinator Shirkat Jammu and Kashmir Association of Social Workers said that the areas identified for conducting the awareness and training are prone to floods.
“We are trying to reach out all vulnerable communities and improve their capacity to face the lurking disaster,” she said at the programme.
The programme was facilitated by Prof G M Dar, a disaster expert from Institute of Management, Public Administration and Rural Development (IMPA), Srinagar. Dar gave a detailed account of the past disasters and showed the practical ways to tackle them at the community level.
Deputy Commissioner Bandipore Sajad Hussain, who chaired the programme appreciated the efforts of the Shirkat project team for holding the training and awareness programmes on disaster preparedness.
He assured full support to ensure implementation of the recommendations to reduce the risk of these vulnerable communities. (KNS)


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