Encroachments choke free flow of traffic in Apple town Sopore

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Encroachments choke free flow of traffic in Apple town Sopore


Sopore, March 18:  Increased traffic flow and unchecked encroachments on either side have made driving difficult for vehicle users in Apple town Sopore. Locals accuse both Municipality and civil administration of being callous and insensitive towards the difficulties faced by them.

Vehicles move bumper-to-bumper on the road during peak hours. Makeshift shops have encroached upon on both sides of the road, reducing the space for vehicular movement. Though both sides of the road have been earmarked for two and four-wheeler parking, unauthorized commercial activities take place without any hindrance.


“The irony is that vendors have been occupying the roadside in presence of police personnel. Nobody is bothered about this illegal practice,” the locals told CNS adding that the irony that there is no traffic police deployed in the town, instead a traffic police post has been set up in Sangrama Sopore.

They added that District Magistrate Baramulla witnesses the traffic jam on daily basis in the town and yet turns a blind eye. “From right, left and centre vendors have occupied the roads choking the free flow of traffic. Police have been acting as mute spectators for the reasons known to them,” the locals said.

“There are around scores of shops on either side of the road in main town Sopore. However, the road is wide enough to withstand the traffic but increasing encroachment by vendors and hawkers have taken a toll on the traffic flow,” said a shopkeeper.

“The parking space on either side of the road has been taken over by hawkers with their makeshift stalls. Traffic police are also turning a blind eye towards the encroachment, leaving no space for pedestrians,” said another shopkeeper accusing police of encouraging encroachers. (CNS)


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