For a week, Kishtwar woman battling with life awaits airlifting to hospital

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For a week, Kishtwar woman battling with life awaits airlifting to hospital
‘District adm has failed to respond to our message’

Srinagar, Mar 23: An ailing woman from a remote area of Chenab valley’s Kishtwar district is awaiting government’s help for shifting her to a hospital.
Haseena Begum wife of Shabir Ahmad Khanday of Wadwan tehsil in Kishtwar is critically ill and battling for her life.
The family members told KNS that the road connectivity to the area is closed from the last three months due to snow.
From the last week, the family has been appealing to the district administration for chopper service so that ailing Haseena is airlifted to a hospital.
The family has messaged twice deputy commissioner Kishtwar for the service but so far there has been no response from the administration.
They family said that they have kept the patient at the nearest village from the helipad service, hoping that the chopper might be sent soon.
“We are desperately waiting for the chopper. If the chopper is not sent, my wife will die, and the administration will be responsible for taking her life,” Shabir told KNS.
Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar Ghulam Nabi Balwan told KNS that he has given the reminder to the government and the service will be made available once the government okays the chopper.
“Earlier, army was providing the chopper when the administration requested them. But for some time they have been refusing. State chopper is not available immediately as it takes time for the requisition to get approval,” Balwan said.
“Sometimes the pilot of the chopper refuses to go there as the people from the area come in a crowd and sit in the chopper,” he said.
He said that the area is disconnected due to snow since January this year.
The Wadwan tehsil like Keran in Kupwara disitrct continues to remain cut off from rest of the state from the past three months as the roads in the area are still covered under snow.
According to KNS correspondent from Kishtwar, Muhammad Abbas, the residents said that following the snowfall on January 1, the the authorities have failed to clear the snow and provide connectivity to the people with the rest of the state.
“We are facing immense hardships as the officials in the government departments also remain absent from their duties due to the no connectivity,” the residents said.
Earlier, two such cases were reported by KNS from Keran in Kupwara district where two ailing women needed chopper service to be airlifted to a hospital.
One of the two women later died, while the other was carried on a cart by the family and Keran villagers to Kupwara road and taken to a hospital.
The families of Keran women too had blamed the government for forgetting them and not considering them “humans”. (KNS)

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