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India ranks 131 on Human Development Index: UN

​India has not improved its rank on the HDI over the last year.

The latest United Nations report has placed India at 131st position among the 188 countries surveyed for human development.
The UN report has bracketed the third-largest Asian economy alongside its South Asian neighbours like Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal.
India has made no improvement in its ranking over the previous year, despite the Human Development Report for 2015 noting that foreign direct investment favours countries such as China and India.
Norway has topped the list.
India’s Human Development Index (HDI) rank in 2014 was also 131.
Despite being placed at lowly rank of 131, the report found that 63 per cent Indians were “satisfied” with their standard of living in 2014-15
The report, released annually by the UN Development Programme, said India’s rank of 131 puts it in the “medium human development” bracket, which also includes nations like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Kenya, Myanmar and Nepal, according to PTI
In 2015, India’s HDI rank value stood at 0.624, which had increased from 0.580 in 2010
Its life expectancy at birth stood at 68.3 years in 2015 and the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita USD 5,663, the report said
On the perception of feeling safe 69 per cent Indians answered with a “yes”
On freedom of choice, 72 per cent of female responders answered they were “satisfied” as compared to 78 per cent for male
India’s score for overall life satisfaction was 4.3 on a scale of 1-10, according to the report
On perceptions about government, 69 per cent of Indians said they had trust in the national government for the 2014-15 period while 74 per cent said they had confidence in the judicial system
The report also lauded measures like the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme initiated in India to generate employment.
The report further noted that increasing clean energy investments in India by 1.5 per cent of GDP a year for 20 years will result in generating a net increase of about 10 million jobs annually in the country, after factoring in job losses from retrenchments in the fossil fuel industries.
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