Judicial Officers bid adieu to Justice N.Paul M.K. Vasanthakumar

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/03/2017. 1 Comment

Srinagar, March 13: The Judicial Officers of Kashmir while bidding Adieu to his Hon’ble Justice N.Paul M.K. Vasanthakumar, Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir who is laying robes on14th of March, 2017 and had taken oath as Chief Justice on 2nd February, 2015 have prayed to Almighty for showering his choicest blessings on his Lordship in all his future endeavors.

In a statement to CNS, Judicial Officers said that the role and contribution of his lordship as the head of institution was acknowledged with deep emotional touch.  His lordship has dealt with a legal member of constitutional, civil and criminal matters some of which are reported as the guidelines to subordinate courts. It was felt that the institution will definitely remember his lordship for long. The legal acumen of his lordship and reverence to ethics and cause of upholding the nobility of justice administration was deeply admired. His lordship is gifted with the qualities of intellect, calmness, deep sense of fairness and skill and craft of clear expression, which are the qualities of a natural Judge.  Simplicity, compassion and humility are candid aspect of his Lordship’s temperament and are distinctly visible in the personality of his lordship.

The Officers expressed the hope that the torch which his lordship has lit, will always enlighten the members of the judiciary, for the smooth functioning of the court business.  The Officers also felt that although his lordship is parting away as the head of the institution but the whole institution will emotionally and mentally remain attached with his Lordship for all times together. (CNS)


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