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By Fast Kashmir on 25/03/2017. 1 Comment

Govt abandon property worth huge sums at the cost of public exchequer





SRINAGAR MAR 25: In a bizarre building of Government Primary School at Vaterpora village of district Shopian in South Kashmir was abandoned six years ago after the ghosts began haunting students.


Since then the school building is shut. The school was shifted to a rented accommodation so that the fear of ghosts may overcome. The irony is that despite the matter was brought into the notice of administration and police, no investigation was carried out to find out the truth or to overcome the haunting ghosts.


Interestingly six years later, a daredevil Police Officer, who is the superintendent of Police (SP) in Shoipan District, Tahir Saleem dares to spend a night in the ghostly school to find out the truth.


While sharing his firsthand account of his night stay in the Ghostly school with this correspondent, he told, “I decided to see if the ghosts really exist in this abandoned school building. So i stayed there for a night with some of local youth. I was little scared about if the ghosts actually came to haunt me. For the whole night i remain awaken to find out if i can see someone, but i didn’t see anything. It was all ok in the building.”


He adds that now he is waiting for, if ghosts leave him sick as claimed by the locals six years ago. He said that locals believe that all the school children studying at the school fell sick under mysterious circumstances.


The police officer said that he has raised the issue with the concerned authorities of school education adding that they are seriously looking into the matter now.


Worth to mention six years ago, locals reported that students witness mystic occurrences in the building results into the haunting and sickness.                                                                                                  

The locals claimed that the school building is constructed on the grave yard. On the pretext of graveyard land, they start believing the presence of ghost in School which forced authorities to abandon it.


Recalling the episode, a local youth said that as the news of ghost spread, the complaints of ghost hunting increases in the school adding that even the staff of the school began to narrate nightmares of ghost chasing them in the dream at the school.


He added that the students and the staff began to ghost laughing in the school. The entire dreadful episode sacred everyone in the school, he adds.  Locals believe that the construction of the school on graveyard land is not good that is why the children in the school fell sick mysteriously.


Now the big question is if the ghost really exists in the school or was it a mischief. In between why didn’t the authorities swung to action for all these six years?


If the Police officer would not have noticed this ghostly school after six years, how could government abandon property worth huge sums at the cost of public exchequer?


Surprisingly, recently panic triggers among school children and teaching staff at Srinagar British School in Nowgam when a ‘ghost’ reportedly appeared in the corridors of the school.  Reportedly scores of little children and female staff fainted after watching the ‘ghost’.


School official reportedly have said that a ‘ghost’ draped in white clothes appeared in the corridors creating panic in the school.


As reported by the Srinagar based news service “A female teacher spotted ‘ghost’ and as she went class to class informing the staff and students, panic created there and during melee many students were injured while some of them fainted. At least four to five female teachers felt unconscious as well.”


The sobs and cries coming out from the school attracted the attention of people who entered into the school and evacuated the kids as well as teaching staff. “It was horrible and for a moment I felt somebody is after our lives,” a teacher has said.


The incident forced school authorities to close the school for the day.


Interestingly in the second ghost incident in May 2016, Students at Girls High School Miskeen Bagh Khanyar had complained that the hostel building was haunted by ‘evil spirits’.

Reportedly many students had shown signs of abnormal behavior like biting their own lips, slapping faces and crying loudly, till they all fainted, prompting the authorities to close the building. (PTK)

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