Mehbooba should know her worth before asking militants to join main stream. Er. Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/03/2017. 3 Comments

Says those seeking plebiscite are the true main stream

Srinagar March 28: AIP Supremo and MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed while reacting to huge funeral of slain militant Rayees Kachroo and killing of three unarmed civilians in Chadoora, has asked New Delhi to make it public that it is at war with every Kashmiri, irrespective of their caste, creed and gender. In a statement issued today, Er. Rasheed said “All what is happening in Kashmir proves only one thing that while legally and logically J&K has never been part of India, but now it has started losing control of occupying Kashmir at the barrel of gun so has decided to go ruthless against Kashmiris. It seems New Delhi has given up the hope of regaining control in Kashmir, as such has turned mad, without caring for the results”. Er. Rasheed reiterated that time and again it has been proved that it is militants who are representing the sentiment, offering huge sacrifices, not caring for their lives and enjoying a huge mass support. Calling them terrorists has made no impact on masses on ground. He also condemned the assault on the relatives of Zahid Rasheed Ganaie, short dead by forces in Chadoora, who were dragged along with the dead body by police near Jahangir Chowk and asked local police to introspect their behaviour. Er. Rasheed ridiculed Mehbooba Mufti for asking militants to return to main stream and said before asking militants anything Mehbooba should know her worth. Er. Rasheed said “When she is herself like mouth piece of security agencies and a rubber stamp of Sang Parivar how can she give sermons to those holding arms in their hands. If New Delhi doesn’t give even a damn to Kashmir issue Mehbooba should blame New Delhi for its unrealistic and arrogant attitude. She needs to know that real main stream are those who seek right to self determination and anyone asking something shorter than plebiscite should be treated as a traitor and separatist force for deviating from real main stream”. Er. Rasheed accused Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah of acting like crises Managers for New Delhi. Er. Rasheed said “While world community besides being misled by the Govt. of India over what is happening in Kashmir, has its own compulsions not to annoy New Delhi beyond a certain point. under such situation all Kashmiri leaders who have often preferred to be seen helping New Dehli in all its shameful acts, need to reach maximum possible consensus in telling New Delhi that making Kashmiris blood cheaper than the water is unacceptable”. Er. Rasheed asked main stream parties to take a lesson from Tamil Nationalist forces who are objecting renouned Tamil actor Rajni Kant’s visit to Sri Lanka, so as to register their protest against atrocities on Tamils in Sri Lanka.


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