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By Fast Kashmir on 30/03/2017. 26 Comments

Mir appeals people to defeat Communal Forces

Srinagar Mar 30: State Congress President Ghulam Ahmed Mir Thursday appealed people to defeat communal forces being encouraged by ruling People’s Democratic Party. He said that PDP has been dividing people to remain in power. Mir who is a joint candidate from Congress-National Conference alliance for South Kashmir Parliament seat addressed various meeting in Shopian district. He said that ruling dispensation in the state is busy in choking and muzzling the voice of oppressed people of Kashmir. 

     He cautioned the people about the designs of PDP BJP Coalition which is being run through remote control from RSS Headquarter Nagpur.  He emphasized the need to defeat the communal forces being encouraged by PDP, as this coalition being an anti-people, is strengthening the communal forces merely to remain in power, he said. 

    “PDP has damaged the secular fabric of the State, besides encouraging killing of innocent people under the garb of protests. This is highly painful that our youth are being killed one by one and the irony is that Chief Minister being Head of Unified Command is not able to stop these killing and that way she is directly responsible for the innocent killings and is to be blamed for the losses,” Mir said.


    Mir said people should realize that this is the opportune time to defeat the communal forces by voting against PDP, he felt confident that this time people will rise above party politics and vote for secular forces, as that will be the real challenge to forces damaging the secular identify of the Country as well as State.

He reminded the people about 2014 Assembly Elections, which was contested by PDP on certain sensitive, but this Party (PDP) failed to even fulfill one single promise made with the people. (CNS) 

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