Mirwaiz expresses grief over killing of three civilians, militant

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Mirwaiz expresses grief over killing of three civilians, militant
‘Don’t know how long we have to fill our graveyards’

Srinagar, Mar 29: Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who continues to be under house arrest, expressed deep grief over the murder of 3 young civilians Zahid Rashid Ganai, Amir Fayaz Waza and Ishaq Ahmed Wani by of the police and armed forces at Chadoora and the martyrdom of Touseef Ahmed Wagay.
In a statement issued to KNS, Mirwaiz said we do not know how long we have to fill our graveyards with the bodies of our children and youth killed mercilessly to consolidate occupation.
Commenting on Mehbooba Mufti’s statement regarding the killing of the three young boys Mirwaiz said one fails to make sense of Ms Mufti’s statement and expression of “grief” over the killing of the young boys when as so-called CM of the disputed territory, she is completely responsible for the action of the forces murdering our youth. Who does she think she is deceiving by such utterances except herself, if she is so naive as to believe that any Kashmiri buys her senseless and contradicting statements? Her own party colleague has admitted that it was target killing of the youth by the forces and said that he was present in the police control room when the young boys were shot at in the neck and chest. These people fully well know as they have admitted, that there is a deliberate plan to eliminate Kashmiris especially our youth, who fed up with oppression and occupation are giving stiff resistance to the Indian state and are all out for seeking their just political right. In the course of their deep desire to end oppression these youth become the direct target of the state who kill them with impunity. And Ms Mufti and her ilk are the local “elected “face who decided not only to collaborate in this plan of elimination and occupation but choose to preside over it.
Mirwaiz said Ms Mufti needs to reflect and ask herself why as she says in the 90s people would run away from encounter sites to save their life, but today they rush towards the encounter site to save those holed up, knowing fully well the dire consequences they will be facing. Does she not hear the chants of freedom slogans of hundreds and thousands of people while attending the funeral prayers of those martyred by the forces defying threats and harassment by the state?
Does she really believe that a small but defiant nation constantly engaged in achieving its political aspirations and making tremendous sacrifices for that can be discouraged into pragmatism of cowardice and subjugation by her utterances? Has she no knowledge of history. Does she not know that the mighty British empire on which the sun never set had to yield to the yearning for freedom of the people of the subcontinent and wherever it ruled by force. Boundaries are not sacrosanct and it is the will of people who live there that decides the destiny of that land. The politics of extreme opportunism played by this group of people including her over the past 70 years has equally been the nemesis of the occupied people of Kashmir as much as has been the forceful occupation by the India state who are not ready to acknowledge the sentiment of the Kashmiri nation.
Mirwaiz further said that said since the nation is barred by force from expressing its grief and protest against such gruesome murders and not allowed to visit the families to mourn and express solidarity with them, observing a shutdown is our only way of collective mourning and sending a message to the bereaved families that the whole nation is with them in their moment of extreme grief and our acknowledgement of the sacrifices of their loved ones for the nation. Mirwaiz also appealed to the youth to take care of themselves as they are the strength and greatest resource of the nation. (KNS)

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