Muzafar Beigh an opportunist, a worst chameleon : Hurriyat

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Muzafar Beigh an opportunist, a worst chameleon : Hurriyat

SRINAGAR  MAR 21: Lashing at PDP leader, Huriyat Conference termed statement of Muzafar Beigh as absurd and ridiculous.

Huriyat said that before issuing these silly statements, PDP should realize this fact that pellets, bullets and Safety Act now stand sign and symbolic for their treacherous politics.
 A criminal chiding the judge, says Huriyat while lashing at Muzafar Beigh for his remarks against resistance camp and added that his political credentials are mysterious and his assertions about pro-freedom camp are baseless.
In a desperate attempt, they want to save their skin and cover their criminal record, said Huriyat. His statement is a failed attempt to divert attention from their treacherous politics, added Huriyat.
Terming Muzafar Beigh an opportunist and a worst chameleon, Huriyat said that people and leaders associated with freedom movement remain almost in jails and, however people like Muzafar Beigh change their colours with each passing day. For their self-interests, they change like weather and in turn shower blessing for Jan Sangh or for petty gains count on blame game against freedom camp.
Tuesday, spokesman Ayaz Akbar while slamming Muzafar Beigh for his rhetoric about “Battle of ideas” said, it is ridiculous and it has added a disgrace for them as right to express and freedom has been confined unto themselves, while as same is shamelessly denied to others.
Those people who “gifted” people with pellets, bullets, harsh arbitrary punishment and moreover those people responsible for killing, maiming, blinding and caging thousands, need not to deliver sermons., said Huriyat. You have detained and slapped PSA against thousands, and it is ridiculous to give hype to your so called “battle of Ideas” said Huriyat while addressing to Muzafar Beigh.
Refuting his so-called VIP treatment accorded to resistance leadership during imprisonment, spokesman Ayaz Akbar said that caging and lodging political leaders in Ranchi, Hazari Bagh, Tihar jails and issuance of notices from NIA and income tax on false grounds is ‘’special treatment ‘’ in their dictionary.
Huriyat while commenting over the baseless allegations levelled by Muzafar Beigh said that our brave youth are educated enough and more passionate about freedom movement.
Nobody provokes them as they are more vigilant, alert and sensitive about freedom struggle and stand like hard rock against all these traitors. Huriyat said that Muzafar Beigh fairly knows that nobody on earth offer his precious live or sacrifice their eye sight, that too on just provocation. It is the deep sentiment in divine hearts that has changed the course of history in world, said Huriyat.
Referring to history and freedom movements in subcontinent, Huriyat said that most of the countries including India & Pakistan pursued freedom struggle and presented incalculable sacrifices & nobody is to be blamed for the sacrifices rendered by nation and history never blamed Gandhi. Jinnah or Nehru for this.
Terming statement of Muzafar Beigh, outcome of his frustration, Huriyat said that his statement it is absurd and carries no weight.
Commenting over the accusation about mass graves, put forth by Muzafar Beigh, Huriyat said that his forces and the puppets like Beigh are responsible for miserable situations in state. Referring to statement, wherein Muzafar Beigh has refereed to properties, Huriyat said that he should prove his allegations levelled against freedom camp and come with full detail.
Huriyat said that if he believes in “battle of idea “then he should convey same to his masters in Delhi and urge them to desist from using military might against innocent people and advise to read writing on wall.
Refuting his allegations, Huriyat said that Muzafar Beigh like people are deserted, have no address hence for their livelihood have no option other than to please their masters.(PTK)


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