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Panchayats apolitical institutions: Shafiq Mir

Pic by,  Shah Jahanger/FK

Srinagar, March 16: After the latest killing of a Sarpanch in Kashmir valley, All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference an apex body of Panchayat members of the state has declared that Panchayats are not a political but a community institution and they should not be attacked for political purposes. In a day long Panchayat convention at summer capital Srinagaron Thursday, the Panchayat conference leaders deliberated in details the political, social and security scenario of the state and expressed their anguish and pain over the killing of Panchayat leaders by the unidentified gun men. The Panchayat leaders held political parties responsible for these killings saying that since the Panchayats were a community institution and not a political but these political parties have put their lives in danger by painting their party banners on them and linking this community institution with the political Kashmir issue.

Later speaking to media persons, Shafiq Mir, chairman All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference, said that they have asked all the Panchayat leaders not to take part in any sort of political activities and only focus on the developmental and community issues in their respective areas , Shafiq Mir said that nearly 15 Sarpanches have been killed in the past five years in Jammu and Kashmir by the unidentified gun men for which he hold the political parties responsible saying that they have linked them with their political parties and put their lives in danger. Clarifying their stand on the upcoming parliament elections Mir said that Panchayats are a community institutions and they have nothing to do with the political activities and they don’t want to be part of nefarious designs of politicians who are just after the chair at any cost . “ We will not become their agents. We are community leaders and will work for our community only”, said Mir adding they should not be attacked for the sins of politicians who have been looting this state and shedding the blood of innocent Kashmiris for their political interests. About the upcoming Panchayat elections in the state , Shafiq Mir said that it will be decided later and it will be totally a non political  institution .

Earlier, speaking on the occasion senior Panchayat Conference leaders Imtiaz Afzal Beg, Ghulam Hassan Panzoo and Aftab Ahmed Beg expressed their pain over the recent civilian and teen age killings and demanded the immediate stop on the such killings. They said Panchayat Conference will not keep quite on such human rights violations. The Panchayat Conference has also demanded the un conditional dialogue process with the Kashmir youth instead of crushing their voice. (CNS)


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