Postponing Lok Sabha bye-elections in Kashmir-Prof.Bhim Singh

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Postponing Lok Sabha bye-elections in Kashmir-Prof.Bhim Singh

New Delhi, March. 15: The following letter was submitted by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party this afternoon to Dr. Nasim Zaidi, the Election Commissioner of India in New Delhi.

          “This is submitted that the proposed election to two Parliamentary constituencies in Kashmir Valley,  J&K in winter period (April this year), is not feasible nor it shall be democratic step to hold election in the Valley when entire Valley has remained cut off for over two months from the rest of the country and when the entire Valley of Kashmir is cut off from the rest of the areas of the State itself for the past two months. This is submitted that the Chief Election Commission should have invited opinions of the experts and all recognised political parties of the State itself whether this was a right and appropriate period to hold elections that too for the two Parliamentary constituencies in the Valley.

1.       More than two-third of the electorates of the Kashmir Valley migrate to the adjoining States like the Punjab & Himachal Pradesh for earning their living as daily wagers in winter and that has been the case this year also. That factor has not been taken into consideration by the Election Commission of India while fixing the appropriate dates to hold bye-elections to the Lok Sabha created by resignation of two Lok Sabha Members.

2.       This is the period when the entire Valley stands under the grip of winter and snow-storm (chillikalan) in the Valley of Kashmir since centuries and no elections/general elections/bye-elections have ever been held in the Valley of Kashmir in such a weather/winter and under the snow-storm in the Valley of Kashmir.

3.       That more than half of the electorates cannot afford to return, even if they desire because of the weather condition and other reasons in the damn winter season and the whole world is aware of the fact.

4.       That the Govt. of J&K has shifted Secretariat to Jammu Tawi because of the weather and the wrath of winter in the Valley of Kashmir. This is shocking that the meeting of the Secretariat could not be held in Srinagar. The Secretariat shall move by the end of April 2017 from Jammu to Srinagar whereas great RSS-PDP Govt. is trying to hold elections to two seats (out of three) in the Valley in the snow-covered Valley of Kashmir in the second week of April 2017. Shocking, disgusting and totally unconstitutional and undesirable on the part of Election Commission of India to hold elections in the Valley of Kashmir when it is covered under the heaps of snow and surrounded by rain and snow-storms. When entire Kashmir Valley has remained cut off from Jammu province, constituent part of the State when majority of the electorates are working as a daily wagers outside of the Valley of Kashmir and majority of the electorates cannot return to exercise their right to franchise in the Valley of Kashmir, the great Emperor of India, Shri Narendra Modi is experimenting with the patience of the electorates of Kashmir.

5.       Shri Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister of India has stirred the entire national ethos by exercising unconstitutional power and by the breach of all principles of natural justice relating to electoral rules in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand by thrashing all norms of democracy and rule of law. Does Prime Minister desire to create same kind of situation and electoral experiment in Kashmir.

6.       J&K is passing through a dangerous situation where democracy has been under threat by the planted leadership in the Valley and unconstitutional measures taken by the Central Govt. right from day one. It has been proved worst during the BJP rule in the Centre.

7.       This is humbly submitted that the Hon’ble Election Commission of India under the leadership of Dr. Nasim Zaidi may exercise his constitutional authority as the wisdom lies in daring and that too in the interest of unity, integrity and sovereignty of India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir by postponing the elections to two Parliamentary Constituencies which fall under snow-covered areas of Kashmir Valley which has remained cut off from the rest of the areas of the State itself besides totally cut off from the rest of the country.

This is humbly requested that the Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner may call the meeting of the recognised parties of J&K itself to seek their opinion with the assurance that the electorates in J&K shall not be cheated by the ruling party of India, so far as the right to vote by the Kashmiri voters is concerned. Wisdom lies in daring and the Chief Election Commissioner of India shall have an opportunity to save faith in the minds of Kashmiri voters in the judgeship of the Election Commission of India. It is urged that bye-elections in Kashmir Valley may be postponed till June this year. The heavens shall not fall. Holding election in defiance of the rule of nature shall prove a disaster for Indian  democracy  in Kashmir.”


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