“Saving The Saviour” by Jalal Ud Din Baba, Documentary Film on Wular Lake,

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“Saving The Saviour” by Jalal Ud Din Baba, Documentary Film on Wular Lake,

Wins Special Environment Award at Ventura, Calfornia, USA
Calfornia (Ventura) United States:- “SAVING THE SAVIOIR” by Prominent Kashmiri Environment and Science filmmaker Jalal Ud Din Baba has won a special “Palamdale Vision Award 2017” at 5th Annual WATER TAKE 1 film festival at Ventura, Calfonia, USA. Award ceremony was held on 22 March Vetura, Calfornia on the occasion of 22nd World Water Day by United Nations. The award is confered annually to a documentary film across the globe which propagates values of environment conservation and water preservation. “SAVING THE SAVIOIR” has already won 3 National (Best Film and best Director Awards at 6th NSFF 2016, Vigyan Prasar, 2nd IISFF 2016, by Departemt of Science & Technology – Earth Sciences, Govt. of India, CSIR, NPL)  and 2 International awards (Young Green Filmmaker Award, Beijing 2016, 10th International Children’s Film Festival, Dhaka 2016). 
Saving The Saviour, won the special award out of 52 film competing in the film festival across the globe. More than 1000 water themed short films were submited but only 52 short films were selceted across the world after tough and regorous entry competion. It is real great honour for the Jammu and (Kashmir) State, Kashmir in particular that the 1st ever environment theme based film on Wular Lake (Ramsar Site) has made such a sucessful entry at international level that too on USA soil where quality of environment film making is examplery and the technique, narrative, treatment of their films  is inspired and followed by the world over filmmakers.
“Saving The Saviour” has the powerfull protagonist narrative by 15 year old Billa who collects trash from Wular waters for his livelihhod and family, but at the same time he tries to cure the desease Wular Lake is facing since decades and his redreaming contribution to conservation of the Wular Lake and his personal tragidy makes the film a “human drama” with emotional appeal and ground zero action on move, on ground which transcends the human concise to retrospect. Boys struggle and good intent moist your eyes, melts your heart and jolts your mind physically and emotionally to do good to nature, usually the obligation we forgotten forever. 
Jalal Ud din Baba comes from a very humble background from Village Adipora Sopore. Filmmaker has already many national and international awards, besides official seclections and nominations.

It is a great honor that my film “Saving The Saviour” has been selected for the City of Palmdale Vision Award 2017.

It was a great experience to be a part of Billa story. Passion for social justice, and equality drives me. For me the most important thing is to capture the emotions, and potray the story with miximum objectivity.  Compassion and emotions galvanize my humanistic instincts to do whatever it takes. Get the story with its realness and impact. However, getting things recognized at the international level like yours WATER TAKE 1, is like a dream come true for a resource less filmmaker like me. It’s a great shot in the arm.
Fortunately the positive part is that, I have a robust knack for sensing good stories, characters, narrative and visuals, at times shrugging off everything for passion (camera). Literally putting everything to test for the sake of scene and character.  BILLA’S “SAVING THE SAVIOUR” is an attempt, which demonstrates how careless we are about our environmental issues but then concise individuals like Billa makes the real difference on ground. Even an individual can make a great difference if you have a passion to do things, which matter most in your lives. Through this film I am trying my best to converge the human energy, soul and concise to shun the timidity, badness and inattentiveness to reshape our environmental marvels like Wular Lake UNESCO RAMSAR CONVENTION SITE for better conservation and restoration, thereby getting directly benefited ecologically. Thus make a difference in real terms.


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