Shabir Shah’s continuous house arrest an act of ‘political vengeance’: Freedom Party

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Shabir Shah’s continuous house arrest an act of ‘political vengeance’: Freedom Party


Reiterates election boycott call

Srinagar, March 31: The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Friday expressed strong resentment over the continuous house arrest of its chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah saying the pro-freedom has spent 30 years of his life in jails and the administration by incarcerating him is resorting to “political vengeance.”


In a statement issued to press, DFP secretary general Moulana Abdullah Tari said Shah said Shah is not allowed to even offer the congregational Friday prayers.

Criticising authorities, Tari said such “undemocratic” acts puncture the balloon of the so-called ‘battle of ideas’. He said through such actions, the administration “has validated our point that there is no such thing as ‘freedom of religion’ in the state”.

Giving details of Shah’s incarceration period, Moulana said from 2011 till date, Shah has been in police detention or under house arrest for a period of 43 months and during this time he was barred from offering 239 Friday and 12 Eid prayers. “During this period, many of Shah Sahib’s close relatives passed away but he wasn’t allowed to attend the last rites,” he said.

The DFP secretary general said, “People still remember the dramas this (ruling) class used to enact before it received power in charity from New Delhi. They still remember how these people used to visit door-to-door, shed crocodile tears, and vehemently criticise the then rulers for launching crackdown on the resistance leadership. Now, PDP itself proved that there is not an iota of difference between the Sheikh and Mufti families as both are servants of New Delhi.”

“Those who used to make big promises of starting the double currency, self-rule, and dialogue with the resistance leadership have forgotten everything after coming to power.”

He said PDP by entering into “unholy” alliance with BJP has proven its government to be the most “useless” and “selfish one as for power it turned the whole State into a virtual jail.”

Moulana Tari also expressed concern over the continuous arrest of leaders, district presidents, and activists of various resistance parties saying dozens of Freedom Party leaders and activists from Shopian, Kulgam, Islamabad, and Chenab Valley continue to be behind bars.

He said party leaders and activists including Moulana Abdul Qayoom, Khursheed Ahmad Bagwan, Ghulam Mohammad, Mohammad Yousuf, Asadullah Shah, Abdul Rasheed, Abdul Ghaffar, Mohammad Shafi, Mohammad Younis, Mohammad Aadil Wagay, and Rouf Pacha are either in police stations or in jails. He said continuous nocturnal raids are conducted in Pulwama, Islamabad, Shopian, Kulgam, and Srinagar.

Meanwhile, Tari while reiterating the election boycott call asked people to stay away from such exercise and express loyalty with the blood of innocent people.

He also condemned the Indian propaganda against the freedom movement saying the followers of Chanakya don’t have courage to face us politically and resort to such mean tactics of personal attacks. (CNS)


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