Walur Jhelum barrage crossing at Ningli witnessed largest gathering of Aitqaad to pay respect to Hazrat Eizat-ul-Muqaam Tulbulshah (RA)

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Renzushah emphasized for indo Pak friendship for utilization of Silk route and Walur Jhelum waters only for people of Kashmir

Sopore 27th March:At Historical and most critical spot of world called Walur Tulbulshah barrage their is great spiritual shrine of Eizat Muqaam Tulbulshah Ra in Tarzu  centre of Sopore ,Chairman Kashmir society khawaja Farooq Renzushah addressed large number of Aishiqaan E Rasool Akram SAW and Awaliya karams who had assembled to pay obiescence to Great Sufi saint  in unprecedented number which indicates revival of Sufi Aitqaad in this area . The holy shrine of Sufi saint is located on the banks of Ningli which connects Asia &  largest lake walur with Jhelum ,The great Sufi saint Tulbulshah had arrived Kashmir during the era of Hazrat Bulbul shah RA  & Hazrat Sultan Sader ud din Rinchenshah era in 1321/22 through Silk route .He brought Mulberry trees from Kashgar along with him and planted lakhs of trees in the area .It was from here Silk culture of Kashmir reached to heights and world started preferring Kashmir silk over Chineese silk .His name was also associated with Tul the original source of Silk in Kashmir best in world .He blessed Kashmir with largest reservoir lake walur to ensure maximum preservation of Jhelum water in its bowl which was once spread to 254 Sq kms .From this spot walur oozes out water for onward journey of Jhelum towards Pakistan and Arabian ocean. 

Sufi poetess of Sopore  Fahmeeda Sopori had arranged very impressive Sufi programme   along with local management headed by Jenab Abdul Aziz and others In which unprecedented number of entire locality participated with massive presence .Mir Waiz Maulana Qari Shafi Makhdoomi,Jenab Atta ullah educationist, Jenab sarwar Bulbul ,Jenab Damdar, Jenab Qazi Riyaz,ex chief conservator, Mr. Kaiser Ganaie ,Mr.Umar Masoodi also addressed prestigious gathering .The Director Silk Deptt J&K had specially deputed Sericulture department team headed by DY Director Mr.Iqbal to plant again hundreds of Special silk producing Mulberry trees on the occasion to commemorate how 700 hundred before on same place the Sufi Saint had planted lakhs of silken Mulberry trees which ushered Kashmir to Silk revolution and every house hold was associated with Silk production .However subsequently carelessness caused havoc in Kashmir not only to our Silk route but to silk culture as well .During turmoil of 90 to 2000 thousands of Mulberry trees of the area were destroyed by vested interests .Mir Farooq renowned Sufi singer presented mesmerizing Sufi Mankabats and Nayaat sharief on the occasion .


Renzushah along with all respectable so of area visited Tulbul barrage and  said that these spiritual places have always remained as abodes of love. it was from here that water was being   preserved for betterment and prosperity of Kashmir for smooth navigation through Jhelum. He hoped that people of world will forget conflicts of hate and join new Revolution of Love taught to us by these great saints. He expressed his surprise when found that no work was in progress at walur Jhelum crossing at dame site.

He said that time has come to teach new generation about importance of our glorious past when Silk route was our jugular vein .He prayed at Eizat ul Muqaam Tulbulshah (Ra) that India Pakistan should become real friends so that rather than others we people of Kashmir are beneficiaries of Our old Silk route with out any benefit to us .He prayed that Great Awaliya karams like Tulbulshah may play miracle of love so that wars on waters of Kashmir is avoided and people of Kashmir who have been blessed by Allah with treasure of water are actually benefited by this treasure in atmosphere of such love .

Renzushah Chairman Kashmir society International is first who has reached to the most sensitive site of Ningli and made this supersensitive conflict spot to witness the massive participation of local people . Mr.javid Malik ,Mr.Sajid sahib district officer of kupwara and Mr .Nayeem Ahmad also accompanied on the occasion The entire atmosphere echoed with Sufi music old love with blessing of Tulbulshah on one side and from distance holy shrine of Hazrat Baba Shukur din watching from summits of sacred Baba Shukur din sufi mountain . The present devastation of our hydro resources at Ningli is pathetic and eye opener for people of Kashmir who are not even able to take any benefit from treasure of water which is much precious than Arabian oil Wells. He said Kashmir society international will play key role to revive Silk culture back in the area and save the waters of Jhelum and Walur at this critical supersensitive place.

Renzushah also received unprecedented support from people for ensuring complete ban on Wine and Alcohal in Kashmir as Aishiqaan Rasool Akram SAW believe it as biggest evil of present century .

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