​BJP leaders’ threats against Kashmiris unacceptable: Shabir Shah

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​BJP leaders’ threats against Kashmiris unacceptable: Shabir Shah

‘Kashmiris cannot be scared by such intimidations; Freedom is our goal and we’ll get it’

Srinagar, April 21: The incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah on Friday termed it “unacceptable” the “anti-Kashmir” remarks of BJP leaders during the last few days.

In a statement issued to press, Shahs termed it “imperialist mindset” the statement of BJP general secretary Ram Madhav wherein he justified the tying of a Kashmiri youth to the bonnet of a jeep and parading him across villages.

He asked the world leadership and bodies as to why Indian occupational forces are continuously playing with the lives of Kashmiri people and at whose behest are they carrying out such grave human rights violations in the occupied region.

“Ram Madhav’s remarks reveal his frustration. There is another leader of the same party Subramanian Swamy whose job is to spread communalism by spitting venom against Muslims. Now, one more BJP leader Chandra Prakash Ganga has joined the row by saying that Kashmiri people should be responded with bullets,” he said. 

“All these people of BJP are living in a fool’s paradise. They should bear in mind that the pro-freedom people of Kashmir cannot be scared or cowed down by such intimidations. Freedom is our goal and we’ll get it, at any cost,” Shah said.

The pro-freedom leader said such intimidations by BJP leaders has created a sense of fear among the Kashmiri youth studying in various Indian colleges as communal elements have started harassing them. “If such actions are not stopped forthwith, it will yield serious repercussions,” he said. 

Shah said if world leadership doesn’t take serious note of these threatening remarks of BJP against Kashmiris, the situation may take ugly turn in the disputed territory as India is on a mission of cleansing of our younger generation.


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