Aasiyeh reiterates call for poll boycott on April 9

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Aasiyeh reiterates call for poll boycott on April 9

Asks youth to play Islamic songs in Mosques

SRINAGAR  APR 08: SRINAGAR: Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Saturday reiterated her call for complete boycott of Indian parliamentary election drama scheduled to be staged on April 9 in Srinagar.

In a statement, Andrabi said that the pro-resistance Muslims, as a mark of respect and acknowledgement of the supreme sacrifices given by lakhs of Kashmiri people, shouldn’t even take a single step toward polling booths on Sunday. “ It is important to observe complete boycott so that the world comes to know that we don’t want to stay with India and no matter how costly it is, we won’t participate in a practice which is completely un-Islamic,” she said.

She urged the youth to play Islamic and pro-movement songs on the loudspeakers of Masjids so that Muslims in Srinagar, once again, remember the martyrs and also strengthens their resolve against this Un-Islamic and anti-movement practice.

Further, Andrabi said, people of Jammu and Kashmir must remember that the Kashmir movement is an unfinished agenda of partition of sub-continent. “It was our right, as per the provisions of partition, that JK becomes a part of Pakistan because Muslims were in majority here,” she said.

“Being a Muslim-majority nation we belong to Pakistan but we haven’t been given this right by India, who is occupying Kashmir on the behest of 10 lakh occupying forces,” she said.

She said that it is because of being Muslims that JK should be a part of Pakistan. “ Islam is the ideology on which Pakistan has been formed and it is because of Islam that we belong to that country,”she said.

“ If Muslims establish a Masjid,it becomes the duty of every Muslim to safeguard that Masjid. Those who pray inside that Masjid may be good or may be bad but it doesn’t mean that the Masjid should be damaged because people praying there don’t adhere to the teachings of Islam as has been desired by Allah SWT. Good or bad, all Muslims must safeguard the Masjid at all costs,” she said.

“Those who don’t adhere to the teachings completely are counselled by the pious and scholarly Imaams and not thrown out of the Masjid,” she added

Similarly, she said, the idea of Pakistan is based on Islam. “Just because some people in Pakistan aren’t following the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit doesn’t mean that we should destroy this country. So to safeguard this country, which was created after sacrifices of lakhs of Muslim, is our prime duty,” she said.

“Any attempt against Pakistan and its integrity will be helping those who are hell-bent upon destroying this country especially India,” she said.

She said that since the creation of Pakistan, it is treated as a “sore in the eye” by many anti-Islamic forces and countries. “When Israel was illegally formed, its first president said that Pakistan was the only threat to the existence of Israel,” she added.

She said that the Kashmir movement is actually a movement to complete Pakistan.” There is no doubt or ambiguity in this fact and whosoever opposes this is, probably, unaware of the idea which forms the base of creation of Pakistan. Such a person must know and remember the Pakistan was established to be an Islamic country. To establish Islamic system in Pakistan is the duty and responsibility of people and the scholars of Pakistan.”

“We say that we belong to Pakistan only because we are Muslims and Pakistan was created on the idea of Islam. Our integrating force with Pakistan is only Islam and that we are Muslims. This is the reason that we more often say that we belong to Pakistan and Pakistan belongs to us,” she added. (PTK)


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