Anyone forcing people of JK to accept Indian occupation will face public wrath: Aasiyeh

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Anyone forcing people of JK to accept Indian occupation will face public wrath: Aasiyeh



Srinagar Apr 26 : Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Wednesday said Jammu and Kashmir isn’t part of India and anyone forcing people here to acknowledge India’s illegal occupation as “genuine” will have to face wrath of general masses.

In a statement issued, Chairperson said that the strongly worded statement has come in the backdrop of diktat issued by the principal of Government Higher Secondary, Amira Kadal, Shakeela Wani, who has threatened the students and the staff members that their names will be forwarded to the police if they indulge in any sort of anti-India activities.

“For the past one and half week, there is a lot of disturbance at our educational institutions as the illegal occupying forces are trying to take control of these institutions and our brave students are objecting to this sinister move,” Andrabi said in a statement.

She said that the students of the higher secondary schools, colleges and the universities are with the resistance movement and the puppet government was resorting to all illegal moves to control them. “ In this regard, these puppets, who have sold their souls to India, tried to enter Degree College Pulwama to arrest some innocent students. The defiance by the students there triggered massive anti-India movement across Kashmir. The result of that police action was the upright principal of the college was removed from his post and now different tactics are being employed to quell the anti-India sentiment among the students at various degree colleges,” she said.

She said that in frustration,the puppet government of JK has now started buying the loyalties of heads of some educational institutions and have asked them to use all means to crush the anti-India and pro-resistance sentiment among that students.

“In this connection, the principal of Amira Kadal Higher Secondary school, Shakeela wani, who not only has a dubious career but belongs to a pro-India family, has taken the lead and not only beat up the students for participating in the pro-resistance protests but has threatened to dismiss them from school if they participate in such programmes,” she said.

Andrabi said that on Tuesday, last week, all the students who participated in the protests were beaten to pulp by this Indian stooge (Wani). “Today, through reliable sources, we have received the information that this women has assembled the staff and students in the morning and said that she will register the names of all the students and the staff members, who will participate in the pro-resistance programmes, and will then forward them to police for further action,” she said.

Moreover, Andrabi said, the staff members and the students found involved in the anti-India activities will be dismissed from services and rusticated from the institute respectively. “ This pro-India stooge also gave a speech in praise of India and said that she won’t allow any anti-India activity at the campus. Her diktat was akin to Nadir Shah’s diktats,” she said.


She said that students were feeling sacred after this diktat. “I want to tell Miss Wani that this is not India but Jammu and Kashmir and by praising the tyrant India here is like inviting trouble for your own self. This is Jammu and Kashmir and here, only those people will stay who are with the resistance movement,” she added.

“Indian loyals have no right to stay among the people of Jammu and Kashmir as India is a tyrant who has and continues to kill, maim and use every brutal tactic against the people of Kashmir.”

She said this is a movement of people who are fighting a war for freedom from India and will continue to do so till India leaves Kashmir. “Miss Wani should understand that this is an educational institute and not Assembly or Parliament where she will indulge in politics.”

“You (Wani) do not have the right to spread or implement your vicious and ugly political (pro-India) thought at an educational institution. The students of our educational institutions are mature enough to understand what is right or wrong for them. They don’t need lessons on politics from an Indian stooge who has sold her conscience and soul to India for few favours,” she added. (PTK)


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