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By Fast Kashmir on 02/04/2017. 3 Comments

Chenani-Nashri tunnel

NPP Supremo hail tunnel as beacon light for entire State of J&K

        Jammu April 02:      Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, J&K National Panthers Party, Former Legislator of J&K & twice MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) from Chenani hailed the inauguration of Chenani-Nashri tunnel as a beacon light for the entire people of J&K who have been suffering the wrath of weather while travelling between Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Valley. Nashri nala was one of the biggest hurdle in the smooth driving between Udhampur and Banihal (both fall in the region, Jammu Pradesh). It was not only the reduction of distance of 31 kms. or time factor but it was one of the biggest obstacles for the travellers/tourists travelling between Jammu Pradesh and its bordering point at Banihal tunnel. NPP Supremo said that Banihal tunnel had provided enough relief to the travellers between Kashmir Valley and Jammu yet Nashri Nalaremains a perpetual headache for the travellers. The tunnel which runs 9.3 kms. distance, some called it the longest tunnel in South-East Asia has reduced the sufferings and pains of millions of travellers/passengers travelling between Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Valley and vice versa.

The credit for this landmark tunnel which may be equated with the Pyramids of Egypt has suddenly brought a revolution in the history of travelling between the two provinces of J&K. Credit does not go to the ruling party of today because this concept was in fact introduced by Maharaja Hari Singh but it could not be realized because of partition of India in 1947. Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India was lucky enough that this project got matured when he is the Prime Minister. Mrs. Indira Gandhi and other Prime Ministers who followed the line after Mrs. Indira Gandhi, all deserve, the credit of this historic tunnel in Jammu province which connects two Districts of Jammu Pradesh namely, Udhampur and Ramban as both these Districts fall in Jammu province. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed disagreement with PTI reporting from Chenani that, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the country’s longest road tunnel that links Kashmir Valley with Jammu.” The tunnel links Udhampur District with Ramban District as both fall in Jammu Pradesh.  

Prof.Bhim Singh counselled Hurriyat leaders to keep away from the roads of development and think before taking up a cause. He suggested to the Hurriyat leaders to involve themselves in the political affairs of Kashmir Valley to ensure that the people shall no more be exploited by ruling thugsso that the people should not distance themselves from toiling Hurriyat leaders. Prof.Bhim Singh told the Hurriyat leaders that the political issue which people of J&K have been confronting is because of illegal occupation of nearly half of the territories of J&K by Pakistan and China. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Hurriyat leaders should come with clear message for the people suffering in Gilgit and Baltistan and in the Chinese occupied territories of Karakoram Highway. Prof.Bhim Singh also suggested that Parliament of India should go ahead by amending Article 370 so that people of J&K are guaranteed all fundamental rights incorporated in Chapter-III of the Constitution of India so that people of J&K shall also share the fruits of Indian Constitution. He called on Hurriyat leaders of Kashmir to join the battle for democracy in J&K through ballot as bullets have been exposed and failed.


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