‘Communication blockade’ will worsen Kashmir situation: Salman Nizami

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By Fast Kashmir on 27/04/2017. 25 Comments

‘Communication blockade’ will worsen Kashmir situation: Salman Nizami


Srinagar, April 27:  Lashing out at State government for ban on social networking sites & 3G/4G service in the valley, Congress today blamed the PDP BJP Coalition for being insensitive towards the agony and anguish confronting people especially the youngsters – students in the valley.

Senior Congress leader Salman Nizami said that the internet is a basic requirement of life “It is a tragedy of democracy in Kashmir that in twenty-first century, the social networking sites & 3G/4G services in Kashmir have been banned when it is being considered as a fundamental right of individuals in most of the world”. It is ironical that on the one hand Govt wants to curb the stone pelting and on the other hand it has banned the networking sites on which the present generation, whether they are common people or youth- students, depend upon to carry on with their day to day activities.

Nizami said, the BJP-PDP ‘experiment’ has ‘totally failed’ in Kashmir and the coalition partners don’t trust each other, they are clinging on to chair just for the sake of power, there is anger on streets, youth is running it on their own & they are not backed by anyone. I perceieve this year will be worst than 2016. Kashmir is a political issue & has to be resolved peacefully. But the BJP/PDP govt is promoting RSS agenda here which is adding fuel to the fire. At this point of time Governor’s rule is a viable solution. He further said Govt should reconsider the ban and take effective measure to restore the social sites in the larger interest of the youth and common people in valley. (CNS)


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