Geelani expresses grief over martyrdom of Muzafar Ahmad of Kulgam

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Geelani expresses grief over martyrdom of Muzafar Ahmad of Kulgam

Stresses authorities to cancel bye election to parliament

Srinagar, Apr 20: Expressing deep grief over the martyrdom of Muzafar Ahmad of Kulgam, the incarcerated chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday said that Instead of sponsoring or staging election drama, Indian authorities need to respect the aspirations of people and resolve Kashmir issue.
In a statement issued to KNS, stressing authorities to cancel bye election to parliament, he said It is required to make an end to incessant bloodshed and instead seek people’s mandate with respect to political destiny of state through referendum, said Geelani.
Referring to upcoming bye elections in South Kashmir, Geelani called authorities to desist from their egoistic approach and cancel bye elections to South Kashmir, as there are apprehensions of escalations in terrifying incidents in valley.
Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep grief over the martyrdom of Muzafar Ahmad and extended his condolences to bereaved family. Geelani said guarantee and dignity of life in state is at stake and while lashing at Indian authorities, said that they are brutally massacring our young generation. Since last 27 years’ thousands were martyred and even now authorities are following the same dogma as their thirst for blood is yet to be quenched, said Geelani.
Youth feel dejected & do or die like situation is evolving due to stubborn attitude of Indian authorities, said Geelani and while commenting over growing anger among youth against Delhi authorities, Geelani said their fight is genuine and are refuting the colonial and unconvincing mindset of authorities.
People in Kashmir are peace loving, said Geelani and believe in mutual harmony and brotherhood, however instead of addressing their issues, Indian authorities are resorting to brute force against people.
Syed Ali Geelani while referring to Indian authorities said, that it is beyond doubt and has been proved that authorities are pursuing colonial and autocratic dogma. Their rhetoric about being a great democracy in world proved hoax and farce with respect to Kashmir, said Geelani. India failed to suppress our freedom sentiments, Geelani said and even authorities in Delhi feel frustrated and are planning more bloodshed on large scale. They can’t justify their forced occupation as people’s uprising in 2016 proved that freedom movement is in its final and crucial stage, said Geelani. Moreover, the recent election boycott by people proved that no power on earth can break our resolve, said Geelani.
Geelani in his statement said that we are sure that people will boycott upcoming elections being staged in south Kashmir constituency, however to halt current bloodshed, it is advisable for authorities to show wisdom & stop this mad process.
It is the high time to decide the political future of state and seek people’s mandate about their destiny, said Geelani. Referendum is the best & only choice, said he and best means to ascertain people’s mandate in a democratic manner.
Meanwhile, Hurriyat (G) while expressing its anguish over the misappropriation and misuse of Wakaf funds, said that its assets and sources are being utilized by ruling parties for staging election drama and for their personnel gains.
Hurriyat in its statement said that as institution belongs to people & as such should be handed over to true representatives of nation.
Its authorities have always misused its assets for their political gains, said Hurriyat. Reliable sources reveal that instead of providing any relief to deserving, destitute and widows, the sources are being utilized by influential and blue eyed persons.
Its authorities are involved in embezzlement, said Hurriyat and resources are invested for staging election drama in state. Hurriyat while decrying over its mismanagement, said that now institution needs to be handed over to people and their genuine representatives. We are keeping a close vigil, said Hurriyat and if needed we will come with full detail about misuse and bungling in Waqf, said Hurriyat. (KNS)


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