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By Fast Kashmir on 17/04/2017. 4 Comments

Hakim condemns use of force against students


‘It seems undeclared emergency has been imposed in state’

Jammu, Apr 17: While condemning the use of force against the students in various parts of Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin Monday said that it seems undeclared emergency has been imposed in the state.
In a statement issued to KNS, the PDF chief said law and order situation in the Valley was deteriorating day-by-day but Central and State governments were least bothered about these developments. “Every day dozens of youth get injured or maimed for life, but both the governments are least bothered. Their answer to all situations is to use force which has yielded nothing but destruction till date,” he said.
Reminding the ruling PDP of its slogans of ‘goli se nahi, baat banege boli se’ Hakim Yasin said there is a mismatch between the words and deeds of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its leadership. “Where has PDP and its leaderships promise of ‘goli se nahi, baat banege boli se’ gone?” he asked.
The MLA Khansahib also said that BJP-led Central government has performed last rites of “Insaniyat, Jamhoriyat and Kashmiryat.” “The BJP government at the Centre had performed last rites of these three words. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to most of the BJP leaders, everybody spoke about these three words in the past two years. But on ground, they have done nothing but to use force. Insaniyat Jamhoriyat and Kashmiryat have been limited to papers only. It seems as if volatile situation in Kashmir is no issue before Central and State governments.”
He urged New Delhi to take immediate steps to stop the cycle of violence otherwise the satiation could go turn worse. “No civilised nation can tolerate use of force on college students as they are the future of any nation.”
“The situation is turning from bad to worse. It is high time that government of India invites separatists for talks. There is also need to resume the stalled dialogue between India and Pakistan. There is no option but to talk. We have been saying from the day one that unless the vexed Kashmir isn’t resolved according to the aspirations of people of the state, peace can’t return. However, the present governments at the center and the state are giving deaf ear to the pleas of those aspiring for peace,” he added.
Stating that violence was not any solution to problems, Hakim Yasin said, “Use of force will further alienate Kashmiri youths. There is urgent need to address the aspirations of Kashmiri youths and both India and Pakistan have to engage Kashmiri leadership in a meaningful dialogue.” (KNS)


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