Hakim Yasin condemns Jammu Chamber’s statement against Rohingya refugees

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Hakim Yasin condemns Jammu Chamber’s statement against Rohingya refugees

SRINAGAR  APR 08:Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin today while condemning the statement of Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry against Rohingya refugees asked the Central Government to take strict action against these people as such statement has the serious implications.

Hakim Yasin said, “Action as per law must be taken against these people as such statement is not only dangerous for the state of Jammu and Kashmir but for the whole country. We appeal Prime Minister and Union Home Minister to take immediate action against these people who try to flare up communal tension in sensitive state like J&K.”

“The refugees who have come to the state are the responsibility of the government. Government must see under which circumstances these refugees have come here. Government of India has always shown the magnanimity while dealing with refugee crisis and in this case also they should show the same attitude and solve their issues. How can be people who make threatening to kill in public well wishers of the state or the country,” he said.

The PDF chief said that refugees are always a human issue and must be dealt accordingly. “India is a democratic country and there are different types of refugees in our state. They all have come here due to the tragedies in their areas. J&K is a sensitive state and such statements are dangerous,” he said and demanded strict action against the people have threatened that it would start the ‘Identify and Kill Movement’ against Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants if they are not deported within one month by the JK government.

“This must be first of kind of such statement in our state. Kashmirayat teaches us humanity and using works like ‘kill’ has no space in our society. Government must act and take immediate steps for the safety and security of these refugees,” the MLA Khansahib added. (PTK)


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