History will never forgive PDP for theirMachiavellian Politics: Karra

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/04/2017. 1 Comment

History will never forgive PDP for theirMachiavellian Politics: Karra

RSS advances with PDP’s help, bound to disturb communal harmony in Valley


Srinagar.  April 01 : Questioning the motive behind surrendering a safe MLC seat to BJP backed RSS man in Kashmir Province by PDP, Senior Congress leader and former Minister Tariq Hameed Karra Saturday said that PDP has now officially  opened gateway to  Kashmir  for RSS. He said the trend is extremely dangerous and is bound to put the majority community in the ‘land of saints’ at danger. In a statement to press Karra said that despite huge resentment against their  every decision, PDP leadership continues to live in oblivion and facilitate RSS in gaining foothold in the Muslim Majority areas of the state  thus bartering the lives, peace and even religious belief of people for Power. The former PDP leader who parted ways with the party  for allying with BJP said that  most of them being themselves Muslims, the PDP leadership should have been able to read the writings on the wall by  taking a cue from recent incidents of UP and should have given preference to the interests of people over the chair,   but unfortunately  they did exactly opposite to that and instead of stopping the march of the saffron brigade to Muslim majority areas of the state, the PDP chose to be the prime facilitators for RSS  to reach these areas through constitutional institutions  which was impossible  till 2015 when PDP got  into alliance with BJP . He said presence of RSS in Muslim majority areas of the state is bound to disturb the communal peace and harmony  in these area.

While condemning the PDP for surrendering safe legislative Council seat to a hardcore RSS man G.L Raina alias Ajay Bharti who is a known Pracharak of RSS, Karra said that the decision would provide official cover to these fascist forces to reach, otherwise out of bound areas for them and penetrate into the Muslim society .


While reminding PDP leadership   of their deceitful 2014 poll campaigning days during which they would loudly appeal people to vote their party in order to keep BJP out of power corridors, Karra said that history will never forgive them for the worst kind of treachery and deceit they played with the mandate, for which people will surely teach them a lesson. The former MP said that he has huge respect for all religions but  being a proud Muslim and a proud kashmiri first , he will never hesitate for raising  voice against the fascist forces which have put ‘my religion and my community’ to danger with collaboration and facilitation of PDP. Karra further said, that communal harmony of the state which was under threat in the entire Muslim belt of the state in the hands of such collaborators and facilitators, are themselves Muslims. According to Karra, Raina’s selection from Kashmir is just a beginning of a larger sinister plan of bringing RSS army to Muslim areas of the state so that their voice, be it mainstream or otherwise, be muzzled and suppressed. He however, said that he would fight the fascist forces elements till his last breath and will never retract from the path he has chosen aiming to liberate from the deceitful, treacherous and Machiavellian politics of people’s Democratic Party.


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