Hurriyat (M) chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday addressed the congregation at Jamia Masjid in downtown Srinagar after his release from seven-week-long house arrest.

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Srinagar, April 28: Terming the ongoing resistance movement of the people of Kashmir as spontaneous and embedded in the collective consciousness of the people of this land, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said it is time that the leadership of India recognizes this fact and confronts the reality in an imaginative way rather than taking refuge in the often repeated self deceptive statements and phraseology. 

Mirwaiz was addressing a mammoth Friday congregation at historic Jamia Masjid Srinagar after being denied to offer prayers for the past seven consecutive Fridays due to his being put under house arrest by the authorities.  

Mirwaiz in his address said “spontaneous mass student protests and agitation across the valley clearly bring out that every section and segment of the Kashmir society is actively connected with the sentiment which has  got embedded in our collective consciousness as a nation and drives us especially our youth to break free from the yoke of occupation.” He said, “extreme state repression in all forms further pushes the people to resist and Stand up against it, despite fatal consequences for them.”

Mirwaiz said, “as all space for freedom of expression gets more and more constricted rather chocked, students hitting the streets was imminent. The state has to understand that it cannot control the situation by resorting to brute force. It has to change its prohibitory mindset and allow students to reclaim their space for activism and freedom of expression in college and university campuses, as is the norm world over.” 

Mirwaiz said keeping leadership in jails or under house detention for months or for years has proved futile in “containing” the  problem as it is a pan Kashmir people’s political struggle and not confined to any particular section ,that it can  be isolated and curbed by force. He said, “it is of no consequence to the occupied people of Kashmir whether the president of India rules over them or a pro India political party as the reins of power authority and control always rest with New Delhi which for the last seven decades has vested those in its armed forces and police whose writ runs here.”

Mirwaiz said, “much blood of innocent Kashmiris has flowed down the Jhelum and people of Kashmir do not even want the death of Indian soldiers. They want the death dance to stop.”

He said, “it is up to the BJP Government in New Delhi to do so, If it looks  beyond the perceivable rich electoral dividends for itself across India from its Kashmir narrative and status quo.” Mirwaiz said, “To end bloodshed in Kashmir and establish real peace in the region India has to behave as a genuine and mature democracy. It has to seriously and sincerely engage with the people of Kashmir taking into account their political will and aspirations and simultaneously start a process of engagement with Pakistan which is a party to the dispute.”

Amid pro-freedom slogans raised by the gathering, Mirwaiz announced that All Parties Hurriyat Conference and the joint resistance leadership represents the aspirations of the people will continue to take forward the movement with full resolve and commitment. 

Pic by,  Shah Jahangir/FK 

On this occasion people also condemned the brutal killing of a civilian Ghulam Hassan Bhat by the Army at Panzgam Kupwara.

In the meanwhile Senior Hurriyat leader Mukhtar Ahmad Waza addressing a gathering at Tral has condemned the atrocities being committed on the people in the length and breadth of Kashmir by the government forces.


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