I was yet again humiliated, abused by army, police; alleges Er Rasheed

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Accuses DGP, CS of being communal, anti-Muslim

Srinagar, Apr 25 : Narrating the episode of the ‘shameful’ incident of government disallowing him from entering Pir Panchal region and deported him back from Bafiyaz, Awami Itehaad Party president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed on Tuesday targeted state DGP and Chief Secretary and said that “we are being humiliated and deprived of our rights for being Muslims.”
Addressing a presser here at a local hotel, Er Rasheed according to the statement issued to KNS said, “On my four day tour to Pir Panchal region, I was yesterday detained near Bafliyaz by a joint army and police party headed by a Dy SP and an Army major.”
He alleged that when he tried to convince them, they started threatening and when it didn’t work they crossed limits and hurdled abuses towards him and his colleagues.
“It was astonishing that the army major called me a Pakistani agent and sympathizer of militants. After being halted for hours together, Er Rasheed was forced to leave the area late in the evening,” the statement issued to KNS reads.
“We were halted to get killed in the dangerous landslide zone as it was continuously snowing in the vulnerable area and not only that army and police humiliated and abused us but after being forced to leave the area, it was our good luck that we could reach back to Valley,” he said.
Er Rasheed accused that the entire state has been handed over to Hindu goons who have now taken over control at the highest level in police and civil administration.
“I am being harassed, humiliated and beaten day in and day out only for the reason that I am a Muslim and speak against the highhandedness and brutalities against my community at the hands of state and non-state actors of another community. How it is possible that in a state with 72% Muslim population both the persons heading civil and police administration are from Hindu community,” he said.
He alleged that “under well crafted plan, New Delhi has planted Chief Secretary and police Chief from Hindu community who have been given the job to bulldoze the rights of Muslims in the state and also to ensure that Muslims are disempowered in both police and civil administration and in the other parts of bureaucracy. Both Chief Secretary and DGP may speak soft and their sermons on occasions may sound professional but from the core of their heart both these top brasses have their hearts full of venom and hate against Muslim community.”
“May one ask New Delhi that could it afford a Muslim Chief Secretary and a DGP at one and the same time in a state like Assam where Muslims constitute 35% of the population. It is shameful that in a Muslim dominated state an elected public representative is not being allowed to travel within his own state and even court orders or any other law does not matter to the private army of Sang Parivar,” he said.
MLA Langate added that by not allowing their entry in Pir Panchal or Chinab valley it is clear that Sang Parivar is under the fear that it’s underground and open anti-Muslim agenda in these Muslim dominated belts of Jammu Province will get exposed if genuine voices are allowed to visit there. (KNS)


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