India has waged war against Kashmiris on institutional level: Nayeem Khan

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India has waged war against Kashmiris on institutional level: Nayeem Khan
Addresses senior party office bearers

Srinagar, Apr 29: Stating that New Delhi and it’s local collaborators have waged a war against the youth of Kashmir, senior Hurriyat leader and Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan today urged upon his party workers to exhibit extra persistence in the present times when the whole state apparatus is working with a mindset of coercion and tyranny.
Nayeem Khan was addressing senior party office bearers at the party headquarter in Srinagar. He said that all the space for freedom of expression has been choked and the state has come out with its full forces against the youth. On the behest of New Delhi, an open war against the youth has been started in nook and corner to suppress the ongoing resistance movement. The stooges of New Delhi are working on a single agenda of suppressing the voices of common people so it is the utmost responsibility of the political activists to remain more vigilant and exhibit extraordinary commitment.
Expressing concern over brazenly banning all kinds of student activism, Nayeem Khan said that students feel suffocated in the present atmosphere. The youth have opted for raising their voice only because they are not being allowed to put their views across and the situation has compelled them to take to streets.
He said that leadership is not being allowed to reach to people and propaganda against the political movement of Kashmiris has been started on institutional level from Srinagar to New Delhi. In this situation youth are being pushed to wall so they have started to react.
Nayeem Khan said that when political space is choked and voices are made silent forcefully a chaos takes the central stage. He said that increased state repression pushes the people to resist more forcefully and the current outrage of students across the disputed region is an example of that. “Our youth have become politically enough mature to understand the structure of the Indian occupation,” Nayeem Khan said adding “now when they have started to hit the streets India and its collaborators feel uneasy.”
Stressing upon New Delhi to shun the path of obduracy over Kashmir dispute Nayeem Khan said that the killing and arrest spree is the result of unethical and undemocratic approach of India towards the accepted Kashmir dispute. However, New Delhi and its local stooges do not have the guts to accept the hard realities and are continuously trying to deceive not only the people of India but the whole world community. He said that killings, arrests and torture cannot force the people of the disputed territory to compromise on their right to self determination. The people have time and again shown that they want a final resolution of the dispute according to their wishes which lies in the implementation of the resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council from time to time. (KNS)


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