Kashmir Chapter of the IMS Launched to Promote Weather & Climate Services

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Kashmir Chapter of the IMS Launched to Promote Weather & Climate Services

Srinagar April 30: The Kashmir chapter of the Indian Meteorological Society (IMS) was launched on 27th April 2017  at the University of Kashmir. The General Body Meeting (GBM) of the members of the Society in J&K elected the office bearers and Executive Council of the Kashmir Chapter for 2017-19. Prof. Shakil Ahmad Romshoo, Head, Dept. of Earth Sciences was elected as the Chairman and Mr. Sonam Lotus, Director, IMD (Srinagar) as the Secretary of the Kashmir chapter of the Society for a term of 3 years. The General Body also elected various other office bearers like Joint Secretary and Treasurer &  Executive Council comprising of 9 members of the society. The society has more than 3500 Life members all over the country drawn from a large number of scientific departments, government, academic and research institutions. In his speech, Prof. Romshoo said that  the society is a non-profit organization and none of its income or assets shall accrue to the benefit of its members.The objectives of the society are: To attract and ignite young minds towards science and innovation, advancement of Meteorological and allied sciences in all their aspects. Application of Meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities, such as, agriculture and land uses, irrigation and power development, navigation of sea and air, engineering and technology, medicine and public health etc. To achieve the above objectives the society will Encourages research activity, Organize lectures, meetings, symposia, discussions etc. Promotes Co-operation in scientific work. Encourages the members to foster common interests of the Meteorological professions. With the advancement in the field of satellite meteorology and simulation modeling, the weather forecasting has improved significantly and there is need for collaboration among the scientists, government and civil society to optimize the benefits of weather and climate information to the society. The General Body decided to create awareness of climate and weather among common people particularly the school children by organizing lectures, symposia, discussions etc. The society felt that awareness among government and society is necessary for ensuring more effective use of weather and seasonal forecast information to mitigate some of the adverse consequences of the weather in the state.The Society shall foster academic and public engagement aimed at improving understanding and prediction of weather and climate science in the topographically complex mountainous Kashmir with particular attention to issues meriting priority attention of the society and the government.


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