Kashmiris facing ‘worst type of state atrocities’: JeI

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Kashmiris facing ‘worst type of state atrocities’: JeI
Asks India to stop ‘this horrible act’

Srinagar, Apr 14: Jamaat Islami on Friday said that the arrest of innocent youth in the valley has been started afresh throughout which has created a great mental disturbance among the parents.
In a statement issued to KNS, the JeI said, “This is an act of vengeance against the common masses who against the expectations of the Indian administration completely stayed away from the elections and proved beyond any doubt that their problem is quite different and they want to be given their basic right of SELF determination promised to them through the United nations resolutions long back in 1947.”
The spokesman said, “It is a futile exercise to hide the frustration caused by this unanimous decision conveyed to the world at large.”
Jamaat Islami while vehemently condemning this ‘dictatorial policy’ adopted by the champions of the democracy asks them to stop ‘this horrible act’.
He said that the history stands witness to the fact that whenever such ‘barbarism’ was committed by the ‘tyrannical powers’ against the civilians for raising their voice against the ‘suppression’, these powers employed the same ‘inhuman’ methods but ultimately this way led to the annihilation of these forces and the ‘tyrant rulers’ met the shocking end.
“In the Tahab village in Pulwama district, the dozens of innocent youth were apprehended by the police for demanding removal of the CRP camp from their village which has made the life of the people particularly the women folk a hell. Further the indiscriminate arrest of youth from Aripanthan and other villages of Chadura during the nocturnal raids have disturbed the peaceful life of the hapless people,” the spokesman said.
He said that in Beerwa an innocent youth was tied on the front side of the army van and moved throughout the town to intimidate the people which is ‘an inhuman’ and immoral tactic on the pattern of Israel employing against the Palestinians.
JeI while strongly expressing its anguish over these ‘inhuman methods’, impresses upon the government of India to accept the genuine demand of the people here and stop ‘these atrocities’ by observing the ground realities with open mind so as to give the crores of human beings living in this subcontinent a chance to get rid of the tension and lead a peaceful and prosperous life enjoying freely. (KNS)


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