Kashmiris have chosen freedom over slavery: Nayeem Khan

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/04/2017. 1 Comment

Kashmiris have chosen freedom over slavery: Nayeem Khan
‘Elections or developmental projects are no substitute to plebiscite’

Srinagar, Apr 03: Asserting that Kashmiri people have chosen freedom over slavery, senior Hurriyat leader and Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan said that elections or developmental projects are no substitute to plebiscite.
In a statement issued to KNS, he said Kashmiri people have chosen freedom over slavery. India should accept the stark reality that Kashmir issue is a political problem and not cross boarder terrorism or any law and order problem nor, Kashmiri people can be lured in the name of developmental projects
Nayeem Khan said that Kashmiri people are aware that development is an important factor of every society however they too know that every development is meaningless without political freedom. No sane people can sacrifice their freedom over development, every development is possible after nation gets freedom and enjoys what India enjoyed after British left the subcontinent.
Khan said that India should leave its obduracy and seeing Kashmir’s indigenous people’s movement through Pakistani prism. India should not dub our just and genuine movement for freedom as a law and order problem. By doing so New Delhi is in fact misleading its own people and the world community. Kashmiris have chosen their path for freedom and no military power can change its course, Khan said adding our people can never compromise on their fundamental right of freedom. We have sacrificed lacs of our youth for this cherished goal. If India is seriously thinking of development and lasting peace in the region it should resolve the long pending Kashmir dispute without any further delay because Kashmiri people cannot be lured anymore by building roads or tunnels.
Khan said that long period of slavery has taught Kashmiri people to understand enough that India is holding a small population of Kashmir by a huge number of forces personnel. Infrastructure in the shape of roads, bridges, railways and tunnels are no substitute to the cherished goal of freedom. Kashmir is full of resources, leadership and dynamic youth who are consciously treading the path of freedom can utilise their resources after freedom and create a model region and what New Delhi should do is to shun the path of deceiving its own people and accept that Kashmir is an internationally recognised dispute which needs an immediate resolution. (KNS)


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