KCSDS condemns Govt forces for ‘brutal action’ against students

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/04/2017. 1 Comment

KCSDS condemns Govt forces for ‘brutal action’ against students
‘Unprecedented crackdown aimed to destroy their lives, educational career’

Srinagar, Apr 18: Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) Tuesday condemned the ‘barbarity’ of govt forces against the student community from north to south Kashmir who were protesting against the savagery of forces in Pulwama college where they first provoked the students by door crashing into the college and then terrorized them with brutal action.
In a statement issued to KNS, the KCSDS said, “Naturally students all over the valley protested against this brutal reaction. The unprecedented crackdown against students is meant to destroy their lives and educational career. The security grid is purposely creating a situation whereby lives of youth, their education and the economy of the valley is sought to be devastated which they think will help in subjugating and depoliticising the young generation.”
The statement reads that “it seems a new well planned strategy is being tried to rein in youth but it is bound to boomrang as did earlier tricks and dirty designs. It is time to remain cautious and not to let them succeed in their macabre designs.”
“Another strategy they have set in motion is to murder Kashmiris secretly and then ascribe the same on militants to sow seeds of disunity and disintegration in our midst as they tried earlier. But today the situation is different. We are united today as never before and the movement has an intellectual component supplemented by our young talented youth which works as a cementing factor and would not buckle under any conspiracy whatsoever. Need of the hour is to defeat their machinations with cool headedness, farsightedness, discretion and hard earned wisdom,” the statement added. (KNS)


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