Kids at Dudipora, Bangergund and other places had bats in their hands when they were killed by Indian Army…. Er. Rasheed to Gambheer and Sehwag

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By Fast Kashmir on 14/04/2017. No Comments

Baramulla 14 April: Hitting out hard at Indian cricketers Goutam Gambhir and Virinder Sehwag for their threatening and objectionable comments towards Kashmiris Er. Rasheed reminded the cricket stars to introspect and answer if they have ever condemned any incident of state terrorism or atrocities on un armed Kashmiris. While addressing a function organized at Gurdawara Singhpora on eve of Besakhi today, Er. Rasheed appealed all minorities in India and Kashmir to wake up as the radical right wing Hindu forces have created a war like situation for the minorities. Er. Rasheed in his speech said “Before claiming J&K to be India’s Integral part and asking Kashmiris to go Pakistan both the cricketers need to understand that J&K is not a international Cricket Match between India and Pakistan, but a human tragedy and an internationally recognised dispute between India and Pakistan. If the celebrities are so concerned about slapping or pelting a stone on a security force personnel they must first speak for those blooming cricketers like Nayeem from Handwara, who was often nick named as Kashmir’s Sachin Tendulkar but were silenced forever by the ruthless bullets of those security forces whom Sehwag, Gambhir and others are praising. Let Sehwag, Gambhir and others answer why were small kids including Tufail Matoo and those playing cricket butchered with bullets in Dudipora Handwara, Bangergund and other places by the forces despite the fact that they were not holding stones but bat and ball in their blooming hands.  Let both the international Cricket stars visit Kashmir and see the brutal face of so called security forces who have blinded hundreds of minor kids and all this goes unnoticed due to media gag in Kashmir and biased behaviour of so called national media”. Er. Rasheed also lashed out at Farooq Abdullah for taking a u-turn and claiming that a section of stone palters is being paid by security agencies, thus as usual changing his stance and proving yet again that he can say anything for political gains. Er. Rasheed asked Farooq Abdullah to resign if he gets elected by securing just negligible percentage of votes. If he is sincere to Kashmiris he must do so to inform world community that by securing around 3% votes nobody can claim people’s representative. Er. Rasheed in his speech expressed surprise that while Canadian Govt. has five ministers hailing from Sikh community, the Punjab Chief Minister refuses to meet the Canadian Minister only for the reason accusing the Sikh Ministers in Canadian Cabinet as Khalistani sympathisers. He added that rather talking about atrocities on Sikh’s during operation blue stars and thanking Canadian Govt. for sheltering and helping those Sikhs who have been victim of Indian terrorism, Captain Amrinder Singh preferred to behave like spokes person of anti Sikh forces.


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