“Killing Kashmiris in cold blood will not discourage them from freedom movement”

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Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir condemns civilian killing and says India needs to accept Kashmir is a political issue 

Islamabad, April 28: The Chairman of Ummat e Islami Jammu Kashmir and Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir, on Friday condemned the civilian killing in Kupwara during a gunfight and said that the Indian forces continue to kill Kashmiris in cold blood.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir was addressing a gathering after Friday prayer in Jamia Masjid Islamabad, where he also said that India is not accepting that Kashmir is a political issue. “By negating Kashmir as a political issue, India is only prolonging the conflict and also increasing miseries of people. Such a policy towards a sensitive issue like Kashmir will not bring any results or peace in South Asia,” he said.

Taking a dig at a group found in Kanpur to fight stone throwers, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that it is a joke that they are making a group of a few thousand people to fight Kashmiris while as there are 7 lac fully armed army personnel who have failed to stop Kashmiris from demanding their right to self-determination.

He also condemned the beating up of UeI leader Sarjan Barkati in jail. “Beating up a person in jail only shows the cowardice of the government. Such tactics will not discourage Kashmiris from supporting the freedom movement. It only strengthens their resolve for the movement.”

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir also paid rich tributes to Amanullah Khan on his death anniversary and reminded that Kashmiris came out against oppression on 29 April 1865. “Kashmiris have always fought against oppression and they continued doing so. Whether the government forces kill civilians in cold blood or use any other tactics like banning of internet or social media, people will not stay behind. These brutal means of crushing a public sentiment only proves that Kashmir is a political issue and it is being crushed with brute force. The world needs to pay heed to the situation in Kashmir,” he said.


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