LeT chief condemns ‘atrocities committed on Muslims in Reasi’

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/04/2017. 1 Comment

‘Killing Muslims, depriving them of their rights is Indian State’s policy’

Srinagar, Apr 25 : Chief of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Mehmood Shah Tuesday condemned the ‘atrocities being committed on Muslims in Reasi by BJP mobs’.
In an e-mailed statement issued to KNS, the LeT spokesman, Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi while quoting the outfit chief, Mehmood Shah as saying, “Such brutal acts in presence of Police officials are evidential to the claim that killings of Muslims, depriving them of their rights is the Indian State’s policy.”
“India is digging its own grave by committing such inhumane acts. Humans are treated worse than animals in the name of Gao Rakhsha. It is time to hold the culprits accountable for their acts,” he said.
He further said that “it has been proved long since that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his collective party are terrorists and that such terrorism acts must be put to stop.”
Shah paid tributes to the students, who are taking streets against the ‘oppressor’.
“India has by all means, including its 8-lakh army personnel, lost the narrative and its war against the stone-pelting youth, a fate as predicted,” he said.
“To acquire the freedom requires a great sense of unity and discipline. We must not play in the hands of traitors. India, at one side is trying to spill the blood of innocents, while on the other hand, trying to misguide youth in the name of culture,” LeT Chief said.
“Muslims are collectively being targeted everywhere around the world. The Humanitarian organizations have no words to utter against the Indian war-crimes; it is evidentiary proof that such organizations have no cause for Humanity but their own selfish agendas,” Shah added. (KNS)


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