Lok Adalat in Anantnag on May 16

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/04/2017. 15 Comments

Lok Adalat in Anantnag on May 16


Anantnag, April 24: Lok Adalat under the chairmanship of Chairman Tehsil Legal Services Committee (Chief Judicial Magistrate), Anantnag, will be held on May 16, 2017, in the premises of the District Court Complex, Anantnag.

Cases pertaining to petty criminal, family disputes, compoundable criminality, civil property disputes between the parties, traffic challans and pre-litigation matters shall be taken up for amicable settlement.


Special Mobile Magistrate, District Mobile Magistrate and Munsiff (JMIC) Anantnag have been requested to identify the cases in their respective courts that are fit to be taken up in the proposed Lok Adalat and submit the list of such cases byMay 12.

The interested parties who desire to put their cases in the said Lok-Adalat have been asked to approach to the concerned courts in the district.

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