Modi can’t hoodwink Kashmiris by deceptive, foolish statement: Aasiyeh

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/04/2017. 2 Comments

Modi can’t hoodwink Kashmiris by deceptive, foolish statement: Aasiyeh

SRINAGAR APR 04: Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference to inauguration of Chenani-Nashri tunnel as “opening of economic corridor” for Kashmir as the joke of the millennium, chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Tuesday said that he (Modi) cannot hoodwink people of Jammu and Kashmir by resorting to deceptive rhetoric.
She also said that the tunnel was inaugurated to facilitate the free-flow of occupying forces to Kashmir and to save resources that India spends while its forces are being transported via the traditional Patnitop route.
She said that Modi’s reference to development of tourism sector in the Valley benefits India rather than the people of JK. “ 95 percent Indians benefit from the tourism. The only way tourism affects JK is that it promotes an alien culture and destroys the ethos of this Muslim-majority place. Tourism also promotes immoral practices and that is what India wants,” she said.
She said that the time to hoodwink the people of Kashmir  has goen. “ This is not the period that when Shiekh Abdullah told that he will do anything and everything and people accepted that as gospel truth. Those Kashmiris have died and the new breed is educated and understands what is deception and what is truth. Modi can’t fool Kashmiris anymore,” she said.
She said that economy of Kashmir has been destroyed, under a well-thought out conspiracy, by the puppets in JK in connivance with India. “ The major economic sector in JK included agriculture, horticulture and the small scale handloom industries. These sectors, under a conspiracy, have been destroyed with an aim to cripple Kashmiris economically and not to allow them self-sustain,” she said.
“That is the reason all our resources have been plundered. If allowed to flourish, these sectors would have turned Kashmir into a hub of economic activities.”
She said that the so-called 2016-2026 development plan of India is to allow the rich Indian industrialist to loot more resources in Kashmir. “The existing resources like forests, agriculture and horticulture is being looted and they (Indian authorities) are shamelessly boasting that they will develop the economy of Kashmir,” she said.
She said that terming the tunnel as an “economic corridor” is a limit to shamelessness. “ The modus operandi behind the opening of the tunnel is to facilitate easy flow of occupying forces in Kashmir so that India can save resources and extends it illegal occupation as long as possible,” she said.

“Otherwise, how is a tunnel going to help Kashmiris,” she said.
She said that the puppet CM, Mehbooba Mufti, to appease her master, is presenting the opening of a tunnel as if India has done some favour to Kashmiris.
She said that people of Kashmir mustn’t be influenced by these cheap Indian tactics. “An end to the illegal occupation is what we consider as development and we will die rather than spending life in slavery,” she said.
“Modi can’t fool us, it is better that he continues to do what he is good at i.e.  fool his bakhts and karsaivaks in India with his foolish statements, not we the Muslims of j&k ” she added. (PTK)


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