Muslims living in fear after Modi took over as PM : Karra

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Muslims living in fear after Modi took over as PM : Karra


When they talk of Qabristan, it is ‘Nationalism’, when we speak for Muslims; it is ‘anti-national.’


Srinagar : Lashing out at People’s Democratic Party for siding with BJP, senior Congress leader and former Parliamentarian Tariq Hameed Karra monday said that the minorities mostly Muslims had a sense of fear and insecurity after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minster of India. In a direct attack to Prime Minster, Karra said that Modi had a bad record not only in India but all over the world and taking over the reins was bound to trigger panic and sense of fear in the Muslim community across the country. Addressing  election rallies at Gund Kangan and Magam  in support of Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Karra asked Modi to redefine ‘Indian Nationalism’ and tell us who among the Ghandian, Goodse and Golwalkar’s Nationalism, he ( Prime Minster) was inclined to. Karra while questioning BJP’s intention of branding every opposite voice as ‘anti-national’  said,  when Prime Minster flares up communal fear by using ‘ Qabristan-Shamshan Ghat, Diwali-Holi ‘ like statements to get votes, this according to them was  ‘real nationalism’ but when others speak for the protection of Muslim community against whom a vicious environment  has been created, they are dubbed as ‘anti-national’.

Karra cautioned People against what he said the nefarious designs of PDP and said the ruling party has robbed the trust and mandate of people for power by entering into alliance with BJP. He said the lust of power was so intense that PDP handed over the state to the communal forces that have played their role against minorities even before the independence of India.

Ridiculing PDP for defending the decision of sharing power with BJP, the former minster said that when he fought 2014 elections parliament elections it was against National Conference and   Dr. Farooq Abdullah but later in the year when his party contested assembly elections it was against BJP. The former PDP leader however, said that it was astonishing and painful to see that same  party after the assembly elections clubbed with those against whom they had sought cote from people. Karra while terming PDP opportunistic said that its decision to side with BJP triggered a strong feeling in support of those who had voted PDP to power, within him as their mandate had been robbed.  He added, that this ultimately resulted in his parting ways from the party. Karra alleged that after BJP came to power both in Center and state, the minorities mostly muslims have been  living in continuous fear and have developed a sense of insecurity  among Muslims which has grown manifold after UP results and the  anti- Muslim incidents thereof. He however, repeated that he was not against any religion, but said that there was no denying of the fact that BJP’s emergence in the state with the PDP’s facilitation would destroy the communal fabric of the state. He appealed people to rise to the occasion and stop BJP from marching towards the Muslim pockets of the state and said today’s vote was not only for Dr. Farooq Abdullah or Ghulam Ahmad Mir but it was a mandate for those secular forces who want to shut doors for RSS entry into the valley and other Muslim majority pockets of the state.

Besides Karra, Former Chief Minster Dr. Farooq Abdulla, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Omar Abdullah also addressed the gathering.


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