Nayeem Khan asks people to stay away from by-elections

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/04/2017. 4 Comments

Nayeem Khan asks people to stay away from by-elections

Srinagar, April 7: Reiterating boycott call for the upcoming by-elections in central and south Kashmir, senior Hurriyat leader and Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan today said that people in the disputed region are striving for right to self-determination and elections cannot be a substitute to the proclaimed and accepted right.

Urging people to exhibit persistence with the freedom struggle, Nayeem Khan said, “People need to be optimistic, show wisdom and valour. We have presented unparalleled sacrifices for our birth right and are duty bound to safeguard these cherished sacrifices.”Nayeem Khan while hailing people’s commitment and their valour illustrated during last year’s uprising, said we need to follow the mission with same spirit and stay away from election drama. People faced bullets, sacrificed lives and scores were blinded, said Nayeem Khan and stressed upon people of central and south Kashmir to remember all their sacrifices.

He said that people who will vote will commit an act of treason by voting and their action will be an act of providing oxygen for the Indian occupation. Nayeem Khan said that taking part in election process which in fact is a military operation is tantamount to betrayal with the sacred blood of martyrs and it is disrespect towards those who were deprived from their belongings, lost eye sight and those who while pursuing mission were molested. Referring to pro-Indian political parties, Nayeem Khan said that although they during election campaign attribute these elections to ‘Sadak, Pani, & Bijli,’’ however Indian authorities portray these elections as a consent from people for Indian hegemony. Nayeem Khan added that they know that participation of a few people in these elections never mean any political decision regarding Kashmir issue, however if they are desirous to ascertain people’s verdict about the political destiny of state, then not a single person will cast his vote in their favour, nor they will find a single poling agent for their parties. Referring to those contesting the elections, Nayeem Khan said that they are involved in scandals, rackets and embezzlements.

Nayeem Khan appealed and stressed upon the people of central and south Kashmir to completely boycott the farcical elections and follow the programme of Hurriyat Conference in letter and spirit. He said that people should observe complete shutdown and hold protests to foil Indian nefarious designs against Kashmiris in the garb of so called elections.

Nayeem Khan strongly condemned the arresting of youths in Ganderbal district for wearing green jerseys during a local cricket match. He said that youths wear jerseys of their choice during matches and giving it any colour only exhibits the colonial mindset of the men in uniform and their masters. He stressed upon immediate release of the said youth and all other prisoners. (CNS)



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