Number of Jobless youth surges in Kashmir again

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Number of Jobless youth surges in Kashmir again

Survey puts JK on top in unemployment at all India Level

SRINAGAR APR 04: Contrary to the claims the helmsmen in Jammu and Kashmir have been making over putting lid over the dreadful menace of unemployment, a serious surge in numbers is being witnessed in the state with latest survey revealing that at present there are more than 9 lac jobless youth in the state.
Earlier the number of the unemployed youth in Jammu and Kashmir was  six lac but as per the figures, the number has witnessed a sudden increase and has shoot up to nine lac at present.
As per the Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India (GoI) Jammu Kashmir has a very high unemployment rate in entire India and as per a survey conducted by the bureau in 2015-16, Jammu Kashmir has 72 unemployed persons per thousand, which means the number of unemployed youth in the State is over 9 lakh based on 2011 Census. Of these more than 9 lakh unemployed youth only over 1.03 lakh of them are registered for employment assistance across 22 district employment and counselling centres of the State.
What is proving worrisome for the state dispensation is to provide livelihood to these youth who every day after are increasing in number. Pertinently, the ruling coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir had a prime agenda during polls campaigns in 2014 of ending unemployment in the otherwise perturbed state and providing novel employment opportunities to the youth of the state.
In the election manifesto of both the PDP and the BJP, it was maintained in the bold letters that ending unemployment would be the prime focus of the parties. However, as two years are about to end since both the parties stitched common ground for alliance, the figures issued by the Ministry of Labour have punctured the claims and unmasked the actions taken on ground till date.
As per the insiders within the regime, the government hasn’t done enough to tackle the unemployment menace in the state and eradicating it seems to be distant dream. “Apart from filling the vacant that are in thousands in various government departments, the authorities are yet to identity the plans and modalities to ensure public private partnership for the creation of jobs in the state. There hasn’t been much work done and the findings of the survey by ministry of labour vindicate the inaction by the state authorities,” says a senior official wishing not to be named.
Furthermore, it was informed that the state authorities aren’t taken concrete measures for the creation of more jobs in the private sector of the state that if would have taken, the unemployment graph would have witnessed a sure dip. “For the entrepreneurship development, the state hasn’t done much. It has even curtailed the funds that were needed for training the unemployed youth to serve in the private sector. Such a dismal performance would yield the disastrous result if not rectified at an earliest,” sources within the government said. (PTK)


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