Peace in Sub-Continent lies in resolution of Kashmir Issue: G A Mir

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Peace in Sub-Continent lies in resolution of Kashmir Issue: G A Mir
Addresses party workers at Khanabal

Srinagar, Apr 04: Stating that Kashmir is a long pending issue which has to be resolved to maintain peace in this sub-continent, J&K Pradesh congress Committee (JKPCC) President & joint INC NC Candidate G.A.Mir described the resolution of Kashmir as a guarantee to peace in the sub-continent.
Addressing Party workers at Khanabal today, G.A. Mir has said that all the stakeholders to Kashmir issue should make sincere and serious efforts to resolve this long pending issue, as this issue, if remains unresolved, will cost generations ahead, beside that there will be a complete uncertainty in this sub-continent, fraught with dangerous consequences, he cautioned.
Urging GOI to shun the rigid attitude, G.A. Mir emphasized that Centre should move forward with a roadmap to settle this long pending issue, which is a bone of contention between India and the Kashmir people and will continue to remain so.
Taking a jibe at Centre Govt, Mir said Centre has no roadmap or policy to deal with the Kashmir situation, there is deep hurt feeling in the hearts and minds of people as that despite the bloodshed and huge losses caused during 30 Years of turmoil, the GOI seems least bothered about the wellbeing and safety of people living in Kashmir.
He said how long Kashmir will continue to suffer on account of resolution of Kashmir Issue, G.A. Mir questioned, saying that Prime Minister Narinder Modi, who has a clear mandate should not waste time and take measures to address the Kashmir Issue, but it seems that the advices PM is getting from his colleague are not in a positive direction, thereby causing huge gap between Delhi and Kashmir.
The general run of the public feels that the present dispensation at the Centre seems not bothered about the ongoing bloodshed and uncertainty in Kashmir, as a result there is a mass discontent among the people resulting in to more deteriorating situation.
The slogans Jamohoriyat, Insaniyat and Kashmiriyat are merely a words, proved a hoax, certainly not going cool the tempers against both State and Centre Govt.
Mir said this is the right time for all stake holders to rise to the occasion and put in joint efforts to resolve Kashmir issue inorder to maintain peace, before the fire of Kashmir turmoil engulfs the entire sub-continent. (KNS)


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