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By Fast Kashmir on 21/04/2017. 2 Comments

‘Some rabid elements trying to add fuel to fire’

Srinagar, Apr 20: Hitting out at BJP leader and Minister for Industries, Chander Parkash Ganga for his unwarranted remarks reported in a section of the press, senior PDP leader and Vice-Chairman Khadi and Village Industries Board, Peerzada Mansoor Hussain Suharwardy today said that such provocative utterances smack of a larger conspiracy to keep the pot boiling in Kashmir.
“Such detestable remarks not only reflect the nauseous mentality of some extremist politicians in the State, but also expose the larger design of certain elements to provoke fresh trouble in Kashmir so that Kashmiris are pushed into perpetual educational and economic disempowerment,” Peerzada Mansoor said.
He said the BJP leaders should understand that any devious effort to flare up the passions in Kashmir, would end up in spreading the poison of hatred across the length and breadth of the State and putting the whole Jammu and Kashmir on fire. “And such an undesirable situation would serve nobody’s purpose except bringing destruction to the State and its people,” he said and added that it is because of the lunacies of same breed of politicians that Kashmir situation has reached such an impasse today.
Peezarda Mansoor said that Kashmir has suffered too much for too long to be turned into a slanging match for political expediencies. “Instead of indulging in ludicrous rhetoric, the political leadership, both in New Delhi and within the State, should work through tangible measures towards resolution of the issues to ensure peace and stability in J&K,” he said and added that Government of India must engage with the people of the State to find a lasting solution to the Kashmir issue and the issues confronting J&K.
Mansoor said the Centre must address issues concerning J&K with a sense of urgency, sincerity and seriousness by resuming the dialogue process not only with Pakistan but with all the stakeholders, within the State as well, including the separatists.
“We hope the Government of India will take the necessary measures to address the causes of alienation and trust deficit in Kashmir and work towards finding a long-lasting solution to the problem plaguing the region for the past more than six decades,” he said and added that the uncertainties plaguing the State have unfortunately already taken a heavy toll on its people, its education and its socio-economic fabric with a trail of tragedies unfolding every day on every count. (KNS)


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