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‘Unprecedented poll boycott unnerved Indian authorities’

Srinagar, Apr 13: Reacting over the ‘threat statement’ made by Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh wherein he warned Kashmiri youth of consequences, Hurriyat (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Thursday said that they are losing balance and it depicts their frustration.
Geelani also said that the unprecedented poll boycott ‘unnerved Indian authorities’.
“It is ridiculous” said Geelani, while commenting over statement and said that instead of stating any logic, they are issuing ‘threats and adding fuel to fire’.
Geelani said that it is unfortunate that Rajnath Singh and other Indian politicians instead of relying on rational thinking are pursuing their ‘fanatical dogma’.
While referring to authorities in Delhi, Geelani said, “Even after getting into power corridores, these men from Jan Sangh cadre are still waving Teer and Trishul and lack maturity. It is common practice that politicians running state affairs do become mature but the case with these politicians is quite different.”
“After unprecedented poll boycott by people in state, authorities in Delhi feel frustrated and unnerved,” said Geelani, adding that “it is foolish to see Kashmir issue through law and order prism.”
“Resistance and resentment by youth depicts their passion for freedom, said he while commenting over stone pelting and said that it is absurd and none among youth derives pleasure by braving bullets or loosing eyesight,” he said.
“The egoistic approach adopted by Indian authorities is root cause of turmoil in state,” said Geelani, adding that “it is a youth show their resentment against the obstinate attitude and brute force used by Indian forces.”
“It is a political issue related to humans,” said Geelani and only reasonable and compassionate approach can solve this.
“Delhi since last seventy years has been practicing its coercive measures & approach,” said Geelani, however failed to change the ground realities. “Not a single person take these threat statements serious and not a single soul will succumb to these pressure tactics,” added Geelani.
Referring to Rajnath statement about “transformed Kashmir”, Geelani asked home minister of India to show wisdom and mature approach as his rhetoric about transformation has already proved hoax in year 2016 when he claimed to change Kashmir situation in a weeks’ time. Tall claims and brags won’t change realities, instead it has caused a damage to you and your position has become ludicrous. A responsible person need not to indulge in ridiculous statements, instead it is wise to realize and accept the ground realities.
Hurriyat chairman said that if authorities in Delhi, would have adopted a fair approach about Kashmir issue, the change could have been witnessed in a single month, however no positive change could be accepted through intimidations and use of military power, said Geelani. (KNS)


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