Repeated bans gags on communication and information in kashmir is ridiculous, ludicrous: Mirwaiz

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Repeated bans gags on communication and information in kashmir is ridiculous, ludicrous: Mirwaiz
Srinagar, April 27: All Parties Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Dr Molvi Muhammad Umar Farooq said that repeated bans and gags on means of communication and information in the valley in the hope of restoring so called “peace and normalcy” is ridiculous and ludicrous to say the least. Commenting on the state diktat of banning social media services across the valley after suspending 3G and 4G internet services since the past few weeks, APHC chairman said that such measures by the autocratic state are aimed at maintaining the status quo in and on J&K and avoid resolution of the political problem that is at the root of the current turmoil and uncertainty of the past 70 years that we are subject to.
Mirwaiz said it is stupid to think that bans and gags will change the conditions in the valley or contain and curtail the people’s resolve to strive for their political aspirations. The only way to change the situation on the ground and bring peace and calm to the region is that the powers in India address the Kashmir dispute and take serious measures to resolve it permanently. No amount of coercion ban or gag can provide an alternative to that.
Such dictatorial measures of the government are also aimed at seriously impacting our economy especially the IT sector which employees a huge work force of around 15000 people so that people are crippled economically and brought to their knees, Mirwaiz said.
Mirwaiz today visited SMHS hospital to see the students who were recently injured with pellets and bullet firing by the government forces. Mirwaiz also attended the injured student Iqra Bashir of Srinagar, and Amir Mansoor from Damhal Hanjipora Kulgam, who continues to be bed ridden in the hospital after sustaining injuries in 2016.
Consoling the injured students on the occasion, Mirwaiz prayed for their speedy recovery. He denounced the government action against the students and said that black powers vested with government forces have authorized them to kill people at will.
Denouncing the arrest of resistance leader Asiya Andrabi, Chairman APHC Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said, the action of the government reflects the dictatorial policies of the state being adopted against Kashmiris and their genuine leadership. It further stated that the social, political and religious activities of the resistance leadership was being repressed using military might, adding, such action does not only reflect frustration but also show the despotic approach of the state.
Meanwhile an APHC spokesman has condemned the use of brutal force against the students in Shopian, the spokesman has stated that government sponsored terrorism is not even sparing the educational institutions which was a matter of deep concern.
Terming the forming of “Jan Sena” in Indian state of Kanpur against Kashmir as a clear cut case of communal fascism, the APHC stated that such actions clearly reflects that with each passing day the dominance of communal powers was on rise in India. The voice of the people of Kashmir can’t be repressed by the use of military might or coercion.


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