Resistance leaders reiterate call for boycott of upcoming parliamentary elections

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Resistance leaders reiterate call for boycott of upcoming parliamentary elections

‘All these parties are exploiting freedom sentiments of innocent people’


Srinagar, Apr 04: Reiterating the call for boycott of upcoming parliamentary election, Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq & Mohammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement, said that participation in elections, amounts to “betrayal of the sacred blood of martyrs and disrespect towards those who were deprived of their belongings, lost eyesight and those who while pursuing the mission were molested.
In a statement to KNS, resistance leadership called for complete shutdown on April 9 and 12, in Islamabad and Srinagar constituencies and asked to affirm pledge with ongoing movement (Tajdeed-e-Ahud) on Friday April,7, adopt resolution and organize protest rallies from April 8.It is prerequisite to follow the mission with same spirit as was witnessed during people’s uprising in year 2017.
Elaborating leadership said, that we should convey a strong message to world community that Jammu and Kashmir is a political dispute and the election drama being staged in the territory by India cannot be an alternative to the right to self-determination for people in Jammu & Kashmir.
They said that it is painful to carry and count blood soaked dead bodies of our youngsters & due to these distressing events our household look mourning places. The heartbreaking scenes of screams couldn’t move these power-hungry politicians, said they. These pro-Indian politicians least care about prevailing gloomy situations and their sole aim is to grab power, enjoy perks and they have lost their conscience, said resistance leaders in joint statement. It is their lust for power and follies sponsored by these corroborators, that justifies the enforced occupation, said they.
Pro-Indian parties are stooges of occupation, said resistance leaders and referring to their deceitful politics, said that NC, PDP, State Congress, PC other pro-India political come from the same breed and their “aim and design remains to strengthen India’s military control over Kashmir” They change like chameleons, and change tune and stance while in power corridors and pretend people friendly in opposition benches.
Referring to their treachery, resistance leaders said that all these parties are exploiting the freedom sentiments of innocent people. It was PDP that while displaying their ‘’Qalam Dawat “exploited people, now it is NC playing the same card, said resistance leaders.
We should never fail to recall our slain youth, those who were molested and our innocent budding youth, who lost their eyesight to pellets and bullets, said Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik in a joint statement.
Referring to their rhetoric about development, “Sadak, Pani & Bijli”, the leaders said that it is sheer deception and India portrays these elections as a consent of people in Indian hegemony and issuing misleading statements that people while participating in election have acknowledged state’s accession with India.
They said that ledership and activists were arrested and put in jails. We are not being allowed to meet people and now responsibility lies on religious clerics, intellectuals and civil societies to reach people for poll boycott and aware and educate about negative implications of these elections.
They have played their role in peoples uprising and now is the time to put their efforts in same way, said leadership while referring to Aima Masjid and religious preachers & clerics.
Leadership while hailing the role played by people from Budgam, Kangan, and Srinagar, paid their compliments and asked to honor sacrifices of martyrs through poll boycott, saying it will serve a befitting reply to stooges.
Appealing people in south Kashmir, leadership asked people to remember those who sacrificed their present for our future. We carried their bodies and how can we barter their blood for shame elections, said resistance leaders while addressing people in South.
Syed Ali Geelani, Umar Farooq and Mohamad Yasin Malik asked political activists to gear up against election drama and carry poll boycott message to people living in far flung areas in South Kashmir.
Leaders condemned the arrests and detention of pro-freedom leadership and impressed international agencies to monitor these election, enacted by Indian forces. (KNS)


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