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By Fast Kashmir on 06/04/2017. 1 Comment

RSS more dangerous than Hilter’s Nazi: Karra
Says, Kashmir is at crossroads as PDP sold out Public mandate for power

Srinagar, Apr 06: Terming RSS more dangerous than Hitler’s Natzi, Senior Congress leader Tariq Hameed Karra Wednesday appealed People particularly Youth to help him stop PDP facilitated RSS march to Valley.
Addressing a gathering of party workers from Srinagar Parliamentary constituency Karra clarified that today’s vote was not in favour of Dr. Farooq Abdullah or Ghulam Ahmad Mir but a referendum against PDP-BJP’s ‘unholy’ alliance.
In a statement to KNS, former MP said that safeguarding his religion and nation from anti- Muslim aggression of anti- Muslim forces was his top most priority which compelled him to do away his parliament seat and resign from PDP. He said from the very beginning of this unholy alliance, he could foresee what the RSS backed BJP was up to, but unfortunately nobody paid heed to his suggestions and warnings.
According to Karra it was the unabated torture on youth by way of killing, blinding, maiming and spilling over their blood all over, that triggered pain in his heart and soul and guided him to take a tough decision to save the children from the clutches of Natzi like political forces.
Karra said that going against the tide at a time when the so called ruling political leadership in the state had collapsed and surrendered before the communal, anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir forces was a huge risk but without caring for anything that was possibly impending, he listened to his conscious to give international community at least an idea of what was happening in his motherland.
Karra regretted that he had co-founded a party that was supposed to heal the wounds of Kashmiris, had actually turned the same Kashmir into a virtual slaughter house.
The Congress leader cautioned that Kashmiris were going through a very tough time but said the resilient Kashmiris have to make a choice whether to go with anti- Kashmir and anti-Muslim forces or side with those who have stood up united to stop their religious, constitutional, ethnic and cultural ingression.
He further said that he can’t force anyone to come out for vote but can definitely leave it to the wisdom of the people who are sincere to Kashmir and Kashmiriyat that not coming out to vote would be to facilitate these fascist forces and their henchmen who manipulate these elections to their benefit.
He appealed to the youth of Srinagar and Anantnag parliamentary constituencies who think that casting a vote is a sin, that for a larger cause which is in the benefit of the nation and their religion even the smaller sin of casting their vote in favour of opposition candidates has become imperative otherwise a wrong message would travel at the national and international level that people of Kashmir have accepted and endorsed the anti-kashmir and anti-Muslim policies of RSs, to which PDP is playing a role of a collaborator and a facilitator. (KNS)

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