Ruling dispensation responsible for uncertainty in valley: G A Mir

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/04/2017. 25 Comments

Ruling dispensation responsible for uncertainty in valley: G A Mir

SRINAGAR APR 03: Blaming PDP for misleading people under the garb of development of the State, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President and INC NC Candidate G.A. Mir has lashed out at dual policies being adopted by PDP to gain mileage.
Addressing Joint INC NC meeting in Pulwama, G.A. Mir has said that time has gone when PDP used to garner support on sensitive issues like settlement of Kashmir issue, revocation of AFSPA, demilitarization etc and other important issues pertaining to people in the Valley, but all the promises made by this party have proved to be a blatant lie and people continue to suffer due to misrule by the ruling dispensation.
He said PDP for the sake of power sacrificed it’s so-called ideology without caring about the urges and aspiration of the people especially those who voted for this Party in 2014 Elections, as a result, there is a mass discontent among the people due to PDP’s joining hands with BJP, the impact of which has engulfed the entire valley, causing huge losses to both life and property due to uncertainty.
Appealing people of South Kashmir and Central Kashmir to caste their vote in favour of INC NC Candidates in the upcoming By Elections, G.A. Mir said that victory of INC NC Candidate amounts to strengthening unifying and secular forces in the State.
He cautioned the people of the designs of RSS and other communal forces being supported by PDP and urged upon them (people) to remain vigilant and defeat the nefarious designs of these forces hell bent upon to implement their communal agenda in the State.
He also emphasized the need to defeat PDP BJP Coalition as that will be the defeat of fascist and communal forces vitiating atmosphere of peace and harmony, he described ruling dispensation detrimental to secular fabric of the State.
G.A.Mir said history will never forgive PDP for facilitating entry of communal forces in the State, now it is for the people to decide how to safeguard their honour and dignity. He said PDP is in inhabit of misleading people for electoral gains, but at the same time he felt confident that this time people will not vote for this Party, for the fact, they have lost faith in the ruling dispensation.
It is evident that there is a deep alienation among the people due to unholy alliance between PDP and BJP, because people in the valley had voted against the hate politics of BJP RSS, resulting into unrest in the entire valley, he said.
Speaking on the occasion Former Minister Taj Mohi U Din urged upon both INC and NC workers to remain vigilant and defeat the designs of ruling dispensation as both PDP and BJP are desperate enough about the outcome of By Poll Elections, as the PDP has realized that this time, they are going to lose both Lok Sabha seats, which the PDP had won by playing emotional card in the last Parliamentary Elections.
Those who addressed the meeting included Imran Kidwai, G. N. Ratanpuri, Mohd Anwar Bhat, MLC Mohd Muzaffar Parray, MLA Usman Majeed, MLC Showket Hussain Ganie, S.S. Channi, Gh. Mohi U Din Mir, Fayaz Ahmad Dar, Ashish Dua, Nissar Ahad Dar, Umar Jan, Mohd Lateef and others. (PTK)


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